Proper Burger "Yum"


Phenomenon burger if patty and bun separately separately child has does not agree, then, taken together, these ingredients cause children increased salivation. Noticed? Why do so - do not ask, he is still scratching their heads.

Bread with ketchup and salami - do not. If all this is to call the pizza - will depart for a sweet soul.

Salad and sliced ​​pita - remove from us this stuff! Wrap the salad in pita bread - and it will fly away, will not notice how. Paradox? Paradox! But what to do - it is necessary to feed the family.

And so today - the right recipe and healthy burger with a salad of kohlrabi.


• ground beef

• buns for burgers

• cheese

• kohlrabi

• celery (root)

• carrot

• sour cream

• Red onion

• a tomato

• garlic

• olive oil

• mustard

• salt and pepper

Kohlrabi three on a coarse grater, add two tablespoons of mustard, half a tin of sour cream, salt, pepper and crushed garlic clove. All mix and set aside aside, let insisted.

In the beef add a little grated cheese, a spoonful of breadcrumbs and spices with salt.

Thinly sliced ​​celery and carrots, salt, pepper, olive oil and sprinkled ship in an oven at 220 degrees for 20-35 minutes. This is what we do chips if that)

Prepare muffin (their Gray five minutes), chopped red onion and tomato and begin to deal with meatballs.

Sculpt their flat with a slight indentation (it pour cheese).

Well and as a result, after the assembly of all the designer get the burgers with a side dish of useful cauliflower and vegetable chips!

Bon Appetit!

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