Zucchini soup and cream cheese: delicious, simple, fast, cheap


Straight from the tin young zucchini already firmly settled on store shelves. Prior to the dominance of their kinsmen, country - is still far, and zucchini are not exactly cheap, but after a long winter so want something fresh, lightweight, not bored.


We are the first love zucchini.

They can be baked on the grill as a side dish, but you can - to stuff.

You can put out with other vegetables, or you can... make soup.

Yes, the soup. Have you tried the soup of zucchini? A friend's wife went "on needles" for weight loss. Type Chinese way to lose weight permanently.

So, after they were given acupuncture of books of recipes of the dishes that can be eaten. I briefly looked through: nothing more than cabbage, it is desirable - crude. Or boiled beef without salt. On holidays - fat cottage cheese.

Sad, shorter menu.

Sadness was diluted soup of zucchini, which precisely Zhirkov was not developed. Vodicka, onions, zucchini. Pain. Well, it is losing weight.

In fact, the soup of zucchini can be cooked a delicious and at the same time it will be very, very diet.

So, we take the zucchini, clean it and at the same time - the onion and garlic.

We throw all this wealth into the water - boil.

Here's the thing: if you love a pronounced garlic taste, then add it needs to be at the end of cooking. If you prefer a softer - then do as I cook all at once.

How to cook? And until the zucchini is not cooked!

That's when he ceased to be moist and crispy, comes the turn of the cheese. Dissolve it in water spiked with breadcrumbs, salt -perchim and all this turns into a puree with a blender.

We give more time to warm up soup is poured into a plate and add the croutons. Voila!

Suite of products:

• Large zucchini (or a couple of small)

• Bulbs, 2 pieces

• Garlic 4 cloves

• Processed cheese 3 pieces

• Breadcrumbs 3 tablespoons

• Croutons

PS. for losing weight ever suggest replacing Adygei cheese. Well, all I remind: Like or subscription helps not to miss new recipes.

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