How to use the issue of serving stuff for refined food, and vice versa - to beat off appetite for a tasty dish


Serving and filing - the cornerstones of cooking. Well, that honestly, honestly. Palud trick - how to get a man to devour the cheapest pate, which included - uho_gorlo_nos_nogi_vymya_hvost issued in the super-expensive author dish, and at the same time to crack up.

Take the plate. Great. White or cream-colored French (that which ecru). Plate must comply with the rule - take in hand - maeshsya thing! Ie be hard enough, but not too much. Thin enough, but not too much. In short - impressive.

At the middle of the plate squeezing pate uho_gorlo_nos_nogi_vymya_hvosta. Decorate slaysirovannym champignons (pairs slice will suffice, as long as they were thin, translucent as much). Along the edges of the plates sparingly drip sauce. Through a strainer sprinkle... well, paprika, for example.

Served to guests with serious schscham (facial expression, not the dish). Eat a sweet soul, even if you do not like it. Rasprobovat try all flavors and to understand - and what kind of nasty is that? Do not understand, but they do form evaluated, they joined the circle of the elect, that they find it - this filth - gourmet.

I once, in practice such filings checked - works. And Bring the same pate on a piece of white loaf, buck instantly - say, what are you, the provider, we have every dirty trick to stuff?

There are antagonistskaya "psevodoizyskannosti" serving dishes. When you bring on a wooden board steak, for example. And for greater hygiene, well, and entourage under podstelil steak piece of parchment paper or oiled.

This method is popular in all sorts of institutions - from the Steakhouse to burgernyh. In burgernyh certainly put on paper burger... But I must admit, it looks quite organically, out of place. Negative emotions causes.

But in one of the master - classes faced with the fact that on paper are invited to submit... meatballs, and even mashed potatoes.

No, no, I understand (and I repeat) - feed on paper is now a trend, so to speak. Paper in general - on the idea of ​​marketing and sales of other geniuses - should be associated with purity and environmental friendliness. Another - a "limited edition". No wonder the so-called "crafting" varieties are packed in paper products (coarser), and even mold the strings of tousles ropes, more like fragments of a tow.

But vse-taki question the appropriateness of such a submission in this case I can not help.

Put it this way - despite of that the meatballs were delicious, like a dish in a restaurant come cafe myself never will order. It reduces the cost of paper and kills the desire to eat. Mashed potatoes and gravy smeared on her impression of untidiness.

The most egregious example, when serving negates all efforts chefs.

You like, like this feed, or like me - cause rejection?

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