Meatballs "on-site restaurant" for twenty minutes


How to cook a delicious meatballs and spend this precious time nothing at all? Simply and easily.

You do not look at the name, in fact, I would like first to call them "at home", but for some reason there are many stereotype that the restaurant kitchen... it is better not, but refined. A meatball - usual dish, I would even say - boring. Probably because they were fed once in kindergarten, so the house soup with meatballs was considered ordinary - fast, easy, satisfying.

In fact meatballs - versatile dish, which is tastefully fashionable to play with the help of herbs and supplements.

Today will proceed - make meatballs with egg.

I have their production takes twenty minutes (if you turn the stuffing himself, then thirty willing to admit!)

So, take:

• Cut beef (500-600 grams)

• Bulb 1 pc

• Tomato paste

• Tomato 2 pieces

• Adjika 2-3 tablespoons

• Cilantro

• Olive oil

• Egg 4 pcs

• Spices: cumin, oregano, coriander, paprika, pepper flakes chilli, black pepper, salt.

We do again - cool mince. Miss it by two times - so the meatballs are tender.

Do two - finely cut onion, cilantro,, doavbyaem and frpsh and do not forget about the spices mix, I have listed them all. In the beef add 1 tablespoon enough.

Then quickly sculpt meatballs the size of a walnut. While preparing the sauce they will stand in the refrigerator.

For the sauce, put the tomatoes in boiling water and wait a few minutes, get down to their skin and ruthlessly chop into cubes. We send them to the pan, and it added tomato paste, adjika, remnants of cilantro and another tablespoon of our spice blends.

Fill all the water, giving a boil, and then reduce the temperature slightly. Meatballs gently expanded in scorodite evenly distributing them to the sauce and cook, covered for 10 minutes.

And now, the attention, the most difficult!

It is necessary to push the meatballs and make room for the eggs. Add the eggs back cover with a lid and bake giving. Voila! The dish is ready.

PS. do not forget to sprinkle it with coriander served.

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