Lazy cabbage rolls that will transform your idea about this dish: tasty, simple, unusual


Stuffed cabbage - a dreary meal. The essential nature of the gray wasteland of life: first you chahnesh above them, going on cabbage leaves, selecting the ones that deserve to become a stuffed cabbage, wrapping them in the stuffing and then over the plate with a finished product a bitter sigh children, refuses to use a culinary masterpiece of oral and norovyaschie send it down the toilet, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract.

In short, stuffed cabbage - recommended dish and it seemed popular, that's just like it is not so for all. Cabbage leaves them very often remain rough, despite all the tricks, all the sauce soak stuffed cabbage does not have time, and therefore does not enjoy the success.

Lazy cabbage rolls, seemingly out, that's just the kind of kills the appetite often at the root. So what to do?


Turkey stuffing do, it introduce finely chopped cabbage, rice and onions. Sharing life hacking - it is best to skip all the ingredients through a blender. Well, of course, do not forget the condiments.

Then mince lepim whether burgers, or meatballs - that someone like that. Roll in flour and fried in vegetable oil to appetizing crust.

Crust here is very important. Chop (or meatballs) should be browned, then it tastes a) brighter and b) more attractive.

Take a baking dish, its bottom lined with cabbage leaves, they should be laid meatballs, cover their cabbage and so on indefinitely (or until the meatballs and cabbage will not end).

Cooking Sauce (most primitive). Knead with water a tomato paste (with tomato juice or fill) and simmered stew commercials half an hour (it is possible for the same half hour in the oven to send).

Well, at the outlet we have cabbage rolls, which is not quite lazy cabbage rolls, but no cabbage rolls, although the exact composition of the cabbage rolls, and the taste - cabbage rolls. The advantages of this subspecies: meatballs keep their shape, cabbage is not converted into hardish rag and it looks kind of "casserole" attractive.


  • Turkey 800g
  • Cabbage
  • Figure 3 tbsp
  • Bow
  • Flour
  • tomato paste
  • Salt, pepper, basil, oregano

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