What is the children's New Year's gift of chocolates "Favorite since childhood." I bought to find out what's inside 🎁🍬🍫


Continues a series of reviews of sweet gifts for the New Year. Today I have a gift of sweets, which are familiar to us from childhood.

By the way, while buying Christmas gifts for the reviews I was tortured impossible to stand in queues. Under the new year in shops happen to a kind of madness, and crowds of people go shopping.

I hate to stand in queues. The longer standing, the more nervous. Therefore, this New Year's gift I ordered via the official online store Alenka. Separately I liked that you can buy candy in bulk, however, have a minimum weight of 100 grams, but still comfortable.

I worried that because of the New Year's bustle can mash in delivering everything I ordered, especially the packaging of gift boxes, but taken all in one piece.

Packaging looks cool. The walls are made of cardboard, and the top and bottom of the sheet metal inserts. Embossed on the cover name "Favorite since childhood."

Side printed all brands of confectioneries, whose candy was put in a box. It's known me since childhood name - Red October, Rot Front, Babaev.

Present pleasure to hold in their hands, and really want to open to see what's inside. What I'll do.

Cool, when you open a gift and you see the familiar candy inside. I love caramel Muscovite and she first caught my eye. box packed full, and it pleases.

To find out what the candy inside, not necessarily open the packaging, for this is a piece of paper, wherein said composition and what's inside. But I wonder not read, and see with your own eyes.

Beautifully To put all the candy, it took a certain amount of time. Many sweets and they are all different, repeated not so much. What I am pleased separately - there is little caramel.

On the packaging it was stated that all the candy should weigh 501 grams, the strange, of course, the weight, so I decided to check out and weighed on the kitchen scales. The total weight gain of 5 grams more than that, but the main thing that is not less. While all the fun, but it is necessary to check the candy to taste.

Tastefully have candy all right, there's not nothing to tell. Nearly all the candy from a set of familiar to me from childhood, and I love them very much. The truth sets were sweets, which I saw for the first time, and they have not particularly impressed, but they are few.

In recent years, I have tried and reviewed many sweet New Year presents from 99 rubles to 2,000-3,000 rubles (review will soon be on the channel). This gift I still like the most.

Such a sweet gift is definitely worth buying. It cool and delicious sweets, familiar to us from childhood, almost no caramel and beautiful packaging.

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