5 things about cupcakes that you will likely not know


Love cupcakes? I really love. But it turns out they I began immediately. Now I have prepared more than a thousand cupcakes and share their knowledge. Today will tell 5 facts about cupcakes that may surprise you.

1. Cake should be cooked in butter

In Soviet times there was a Standard for preparation of cakes, for which they should cook in margarine. Someone probably say that this is not true in the Soviet Union was prepared only from natural ingredients, but it is not.

Some desserts in their composition contained margarine. But it differs from what we are now available in the store. So now it is best to cook muffins with butter, although this is a deviation from the guests.

2. Eggs and oil must be at the same temperature

For best results, before adding eggs to the oil should be separately whisk until smooth
For best results, before adding eggs to the oil should be separately whisk until smooth

The basic process is to prepare the cake - it is an emulsion of butter and eggs. And the emulsion was homogeneous, use the products of the same temperature. Otherwise, the weight of butter and eggs will delaminate.

3. How to make a nice cut on the cake

The dough for the cake has a dense structure, which has long warms. If the outside of the dough is already covered with a crust, the inside is still moist. Therefore, all the muffins baking overstrain and sometimes not very pretty.

To make the "anguish" beautiful, it should be before baking to make an incision with the help of wet silicone blade. The ideal depth of the notch should be approximately 1-1.5 cm.

4. Cupcake has a long shelf life

Due to the high content of butter cake has a long shelf life. To cupcake longer remain soft, it should be returned to an airtight container and store in the cold.

I also advise after baking a cake to cool completely before serving and stand at least 3-4 hours in the cold. The product in the cold matures and crumb becomes dense, but crumbly.

5. Cake is easy to prepare yourself

To prepare the cake does not require sophisticated tools or "foreign" ingredients.

To have your cake turned out of this delicious, I recorded a video recipe of the most popular in our country - "Pie Capital." Happy viewing!

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