I peeped at Tiffany as she prepares home candy from one apples


During apple season at Tiffany's accumulated a huge amount of apples. That they did not disappear, she makes of them candy. Simple process and does not require anything other than apples.

Here is a candy apple I turned
Here is a candy apple I turned

Recently was a guest at Tiffany's. It is now time to apple in full swing. Apples very much and treat all she has not kept pace. Therefore, it is preparing apple candy. To prepare necessary only apples, but you can add honey or cinnamon to taste.

I watched the entire process inside and out, and easily able to cook marshmallows at home. Paste was dry at the edges and a little wet in the center. Now, instead of chocolates to take with me to the office.

Cooking method

Prepare apples

First apples should be processed in the smoothie. For this apples bake in oven for 30-40 minutes at a temperature of 180 ° C, and then wipe the machine for rubbing and apple fruits.

Apples can not be cleaned from the core, all the excess will not pass through the machine lattice. You can prepare mashed any way you want.


Applesauce spread on a baking sheet, the laid parchment, you can use a silicone mat. It is important that the apple layer was not more than 1 cm.

Sending in a preheated 100 ° C oven with convection mode enabled for 1 hr. From time to time I open the oven to the steam to escape. When the surface is covered with a crust pastilles (if pressed mass should not stick to fingers) covering the top parchment and flip. I leave for 1 hour more.

pastilles drying time may vary depending on the humidity of your apples. If I have a marshmallow edges begin to move away from the parchment - so ready.

After roasting give pastilles and rented to cool it with parchment.

Cut edges under the rectangle and cut into small strips.

The strips are braided into tubes and in this form supplied to the table.


1 kg of apples
For a taste, you can add 2 tablespoons of honey

What to remember:

  1. First, make applesauce.
  2. Puree dispense and bake at 100 ° C until ready
  3. Cut the candy supply
  4. Keep the container in a dark place

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