I suggest a simple mother-rhubarb pie recipe. Now she is preparing him constantly


Rhubarb pie
Rhubarb pie

I was recently a guest of his wife's parents, and the mother-in-law complained to me that too much rhubarb planted and does not know what now to do with it. It has everything I wanted out of it to cook - cooked. A rhubarb growing and growing. And she is ready to dig him because he is tired of it.

I stopped her and offered cake recipe rhubarb. But I must say that the mother-in-law does not like complicated recipes which should be cooked for a long time. So I had to think, to consider this point.

First I tested the recipe at home and was pleased with the result. Recipe handed the mother-and-forget. A week later mother-in-law was invited to visit and treated the cake for my recipe.

Cake she liked so much, I can not worry about the rhubarb. Now no one will dig.

Cooking method

Sand base

Flour B / C 300 c
Butter 226 g (from the freezer)
Sugar 50g
Ice water 75g
A pinch of salt

To prepare the foundations of sand I used one piece of dough for pies. Detailed recipe I published on the channel, so I will not re-paint it and just leave a link at end of article.

While sand blank cools down, I'll take care of preparing the rhubarb filling.


Rhubarb 490 g (already cleaned)
Sugar 154 gr
Strawberry 120g
Corn starch 50 g
Water 40 g
Instructions on how to clean the rhubarb from the skin
Instructions on how to clean the rhubarb from the skin

I rinse the strawberries, cut tails and spread in the pan. Add sugar and crush kartofeledavilkoy to the state of slurry. Rhubarb washed and peeled, then cut into stalks into pieces 2 cm long and post in a pan to the strawberry.

Pot put on the fire, add sugar and bring to a boil. At this point, rhubarb should already have become soft, if not - boil until tender. Adding starch dissolved in water and bring to a boil again. I give Cook for about 2-3 minutes and remove from heat.

Almost ready rhubarb pie
Almost ready rhubarb pie

I shift in the filling sand base and put them in the refrigerator until cool, but better at night.


Sugar 60g
Water 20 g
Protein 60 g (1 egg protein CO)

Top cover with meringue pie I. For its preparation with a sugar water bring to 118 ° C. If you do not have a thermometer, it does not matter, just bring to a boil and let boil for 1-2 minutes.

In parallel with the preparation of the syrup whip protein to a foam state and then pour the hot syrup in a thin stream. Whip meringue until stable peaks.

Meringue pie and passed on to leveling silicone spatula. Using a gas burner calcined proteins gently until golden brown. If the burner is not - send a cake in the oven on the top shelf and insert "grill" mode.

Rhubarb pie and meringue
Rhubarb pie and meringue

Before serving, decorate with mint leaves and flowers of lilac. Just do not forget to wash both before use.

Now that you know what to cook rhubarb pie is not difficult. Try to bake it in the near future and you must succeed.

To make this cake I used one piece of dough, which is preparing for this recipe.

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