Confectionery products come from the USSR. I read recipe book in 1979.


Studying desserts cookbook, which is older than me.

By a lucky chance I came across a terrific book with the recipes of confectionery products in 1979. It was interesting to learn about the desserts, which were popular before I was born.

The book authored by Alexander Stamm, find something about it on the Internet, I could not, was released in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg). The most basic recipe that I found in the book, is used to this day, but some of the names of cakes I saw for the first time. I'll show you a few recipes that interested me the most.

Cake "Stepan-rastrepka"

As it uses cakes shortbread dough is now rare, and I have not met such recipes. For the filling - custard without butter, which is surprising. The author also offers options Styopka-rastrepki filled with fruit and sweet. This cake does not come out of my head, I think this weekend it cook.

At the end of the article, I leave the link to the basic dough recipe.

cake of bread

The very name made me perplexed, though I once cooked cheesecake with a basis of Borodino bread. In fact it is an ordinary biscuit, where the flour was replaced with rusk crumbs. In theory this should add an interesting texture of biscuit, definitely try to bake.

Zephyr "Northern"

I love marshmallows, I have in the confectionery is a product which is bought more often. But I cook on agar-agar and egg white. The recipe that I saw in the book, does not involve the use of a protein at all. Here, as a replacement used gelatin. In today's world this is called marshmallow marshmallows. Marshmallow without the protein, I somehow prepared, but I did not like the result.

Pastries special (nettle)

Soup with nettles I love, but to use it in biscuits was not even thinking. The recipe is not complicated to prepare. I will bake, it remains only to wait for May and June and gather nettles.

The book is not very big, but the author was able to fit in it more than 80 recipes. In the near future necessarily something will prepare a recipe from this book, and the result is bound to share with you.

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