How to celebrate the New Year of the Pig, and that the file on the table


After a year of peaceful Earth Elements Dogs coming at least a good year, the Yellow Earth Pigs.

According to the Eastern calendar, he will begin February 5, 2019 and ending January 24, 2020.

2019 will be marked by financial success, prosperity, happiness, high fertility, but under the condition of your optimism, clear goals and hard honest work.
The pig itself is very optimistic, sincere and hardworking, can not stand deceivers, freeloaders, hypocrites.

Especially must be lucky in the year Earth Pig everyone who is engaged in agricultural work.
Representatives of the financial and economic professions are less subject to various risks this year, need to be successful investments.
A good year will be to establish a strong friendship and business ties.
Pig also protects the family, loves children. For those who have not yet platted family nest, this year there is a good chance.

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You have wondered how to celebrate the New Year 2019 - Year of the Yellow earth Pigs?

First of all, you should know the preferences of its patroness and deliver it at the meeting, and including myself, maximum pleasure!

If you want to celebrate the New Year right, listen to a few tips:

In no case do not take on the eve of the money, and if you still have debts to settle with them.
Otherwise, you will find a debt hole and a heap of trouble.
Give old clothes to those who need it, upgrade the interior or at least buy a few new things and new bedding.
When choosing an outfit for New Year's Eve, please note that this must be newly purchased item, which will be the key to success and will bring you wealth, new acquaintances and thrills.
In preparation for the meeting with the Earth pig, you need to have pure thoughts and good intentions. Then luck will be with you, and fortune will smile again and again.

What to put on a New Year's table in 2019

Pig loves a tasty meal, and, in principle, can sweep away everything that is cooked - from the banal fries to fine pineapple in batter.
But should regret the feelings Yellow hostess year, and not to file skewers of pork or chops, prepared for fresh pig.

Dumplings beef skewer of chicken and roast fish - a compromise was found, and the guests are fed and Ground Piggy not mad.

But no preservatives, additives and chemicals - a week before the New Year need to go on a visit to a village family and ponabrali mushrooms, cucumbers and other workpieces.

Neither New Year's table complete without salad, and Year of the Pig imagination will run at full speed - a classic "Olivier" and traditional "herring under a fur coat" look great surrounded by the cuts from exotic fruits and salads made by grandmother recipes.

We should not forget about the sweets - Pig loves chocolate cakes and sweets (from the traditional "Puffin" to modern products with strange names).
And do not be greedy - goodies residues can be expanded in jars and give guests, in extreme cases, the dishes will stand a couple of days in the freezer.

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