I do not build yourself a martyr slimming and declare


Greetings! Here we are glad to all who want to lose weight.

No - diet on a cabbage-carrot, and hunger strikes!

Yes - delicious and satisfying weight loss!

All goodness and understanding.

Let's get acquainted! My name is Anja and in May 2018 I went on about proper nutrition and caloric deficit.
In his blog, I talk about how is my weight loss process with 132.2 kg (with the growth of 173 cm), sharing recipes and experiences.
As I was able to get rid of the moment55kg.

Here again, I do not understand.

What for? Why build yourself martyrs and lose weight on carrots and cabbage, puffing with anger at all.

Why all of a sudden decided that since it is necessary to lose weight, here sit starve, do not eat and destroy their bodies more, kill metabolism, drive themselves discouraged and wait for the imminent breakdown.

And there is not far away and new friends - even more new friends - extra kilos, which will necessarily have after the next hunger strikes and disruptions.

Why can not rationally approach to the process of losing weight, but not as a punishment?

Although what I am surprised she was the same. Just morila himself to death to lose weight, I could not stand, frustrated, and here they are, hello, my 132 kg. Of course, not at once, and gradually, such as invisible.

But now that I know how to lose weight.

Today I have the following menu.

For breakfast sandwiches on whole grain rye bread (50 g), avocado (45 g), pink salmon and salted (65 g). Green tea sandwiches and a not forgotten about omega-3 and vitamins.

Breakfast is turned on 330 kcal.

Today again, breakfast is not as caloric as I used to, because I have a chocolate cupcake and chocolate cheese curd, which I plan to have a snack at work and leave such snacks more free calories.

On undershot with green tea - corn bread (10 g) with chocolate cheese (60 g, recipe will napominalochke). Sprinkle literally 5 g dried cranberries.

Lunch on the left 100 kcal.

Today, the whole day working on the computer as usual to take breaks to warm up with the fitness band.

Such breaks out just 10 to 15 minutes, but the muscles stay toned.

Is not enough to lose weight, I want my body to be toned, but not as soft skinny zheleyka. And this requires at least home strength exercises.

At the lunch I was already prepared so I had yesterday boiled buckwheat (120 g ready for use) and chicken breast in a creamy sauce (200 g).

Lunch turned on 400 kcal.

For fans podchitat calories for me and tell that I think is wrong - chicken breast in a creamy sauce - this is one dish, which is calculated according to the calorie and not separately breast and creamy (very high-calorie how many would like to think) sauce. Several times on this dish were the comments. You first take the trouble to look at the recipe and KBZHU, and then look for errors in my menu and calories and not to shoot down people with their normal way.

Half an hour after lunch, at work, I drank green tea with chocolate cake (80 g) - 130 kcal.

For dinner 200 g of raw pollack nonstick pan fried in oil to drop and stewed vegetables (200 g).

Yes, maybe not the right food - fried fish, but it is very desirable, and in kbzhu inscribed wonderful.

Dinner turned on 290 kcal.

And at the last moment I remembered that about 50 kcal I spent for dried figs.

Total 1300 kcal per day.

Do not forget to drink water - it is obligatory.

And I want to tell you what I recently decided.

Oh since I'm this blog and talk about their lives in some way, I decided to share with you, and this aspect of it.

It might be useful to someone in my experience not only in losing weight.

Today, I signed up for a tattoo. Do not be alarmed! I'm going to do permanent makeup as an arrow on the eyes)

Talk me do not, I thought for a long time and the decision for themselves adopted. For a long time looking for the master, I have not yet found an acquaintance.

In two weeks I will be with arrows and forget about makeup! I will wake up pretty soon).

If someone is doing currently have permanent make-up - share your impressions, maybe something will advise.


Video recipe of chicken breast in a creamy sauce:

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Subscribe to my channel if you're interested I go its own way of weight loss for about proper nutrition.
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I do not pretend to be an expert PP. Just sharing experiences. I "OkoloPP"!

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