Honey: is it possible to lose weight by replacing sugar with it, and is it harmful when heated. I share my experience of losing weight and menus


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Honey: is it possible to lose weight by replacing sugar with it, and is it harmful when heated. I share the experience of losing weight and the menu - my result is minus 63 kg

Everyone who wants to lose weight must accept only one rule: we lose weight when we are in a calorie deficit.

And how to create a calorie deficit and how big it will be depends on us, our goals and the care of ourselves and our health.

For me, a small calorie deficit and dietary control through calorie counting have become the most effective, comfortable and satisfying way to lose weight.

Replacing high-calorie foods with low-calorie foods - helps maintain portion size to fill the stomach and reduce the calorie content of the dish itself.

Today I want to talk to you about replacing sugar with honey.

Until now, some people believe that replacing sugar with honey - you can lose weight, that honey is healthier, which means it is suitable for proper nutrition.

For some time I myself tried to replace sugar with honey in tea and waited for a miracle, believing that now I will definitely lose weight🤣.

But now I know the main rule of losing weight is creating a calorie deficit.

The calorie content of honey is about 329 kcal.

The calorie content of sugar is 390 kcal.

Knowing these numbers, it is foolish to count on losing weight by replacing sugar with honey.

As for the usefulness of honey. Often, in order to lose weight, honey is used as a sweetener, added to tea or baked goods.

At the same time, there were, there are and most likely there will be two camps that believe that:

  • honey cannot be heated, it becomes harmful,
  • honey can be heated and there is nothing wrong with that.

And how really?

The substance oxymethylfurfural (the same, harmful) is formed by heating carbohydrate compounds (any) in an acidic environment. In honey, this substance is formed due to the decomposition of fructose when heated.

But, the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences found that the consumption of oxymethylfurfural in the amount of 2 mg per 1 kg of body weight is harmless for humans. At the same time, food and drinks that are constantly consumed in food: baked goods, roasted coffee, jams, lemonades - contain much more oxymethylfurfural than heated honey.

That is, heating honey can not bring us significant harm.

And if you want get useful properties from honey, then it should not be heated more than 34-35 degrees (this is the temperature that is maintained in the "bee house").

Thus, honey can be used as a sweetener in baked goods, adding to hot drinks - it will not harm us, but it will lose its useful properties when heated above 40 degrees and will give you only sweetness and taste.

And most importantly, those who want to lose weight should remember that honey is a high-calorie product. Use honey - take it into account in the calorie content of your diet.

And, by tradition, I will show my menu on the calculation of KBZHU, to show that you can eat ordinary foods, eat hearty, tasty and at the same time lose weight and easily maintain your normal weight.

⛔To draw up an individual menu and for any questions related to weight loss, you should seek the advice of specialists⛔

In the morning I was in a hurry and the fastest breakfast for me was sandwiches on homemade whole grain bread (80 g) with butter (15 g), cod caviar (40 g) and fish paste (50 g). Breakfast for 505 kcal.

Let me remind you of the recipe for julienne from eggplant and fish balls under the most delicious cheese cap:

For the whole day I weighed 400 g of grapes for myself - 260 kcal, mostwhich I ate for a snack, and the rest ate at work during the day.

At lunchtime I arrived with pea soup (450 g) - 265 kcal.

But in the evening I had to stand at the stove. I decided to cook turkey cutlets, so much so as to provide 1 meal for a few days for everyone. And I wanted to bake a pie with apples, experimenting with taste. An ordinary charlotte is not interesting to cook, however, how much it is cooked.

But I didn't make friends with the pie. Came out dull, insipid. I was so upset that I even decided to complain to you. And to show that not all of my experiments are successful:

very disappointing
very disappointing

And I also want to say - never take cocoa under the brand name "Magnita" - terrible: it does not give either taste or smell. I took it because there was no other choice, but I had to buy cocoa here and now.

For dinner, I ate 200 g of turkey cutlets, which I fried in a little coconut oil. And to the cutlets I wanted to add homemade "mother-in-law's tongue" (150 g). Dinner for 425 kcal.

And in the evening with tea I got proteins, fats and calories with cheese (45 g) - 155 kcal

We all liked the "mother-in-law's tongue" so much that we decided to prepare one more portion, since most likely there would be nothing left by the winter.

In this regard, I have a question for you: do you want a recipe with the calculated KBZhU?

The result of the day is 1610 kcal. B - 87, F - 73, U - 159.

Do you often have culinary failures?

🍒Step by step instructions for those who want to lose weight. 🍒How to count calories: step by step instructions.🍒Catalog of recipes.🍒Skin care.

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