I wanted to lose weight at 52 kg, feeding thus tasty and satisfying. Now my plans have changed.


Greetings to all dieters who looked into my blog.

Let's get acquainted! My name is Anja and in May 2018 I went on about proper nutrition and caloric deficit.
In his blog, I talk about how is my weight loss process with 132.2 kg (with the growth of 173 cm), sharing recipes and experiences.
As I was able to get rid of the moment51,5kg.

By your advice I suffered checkweighing on Friday.

Why? Will explain.

On weekends I often chitmily or just loading days.

Or come to our guests, we drive ourselves or take a walk in Moscow and went to see her husband's parents. And as usual, after the startup of the day - the body often retains water on Monday on the scales can be such figures, many frightened. I'm already used to the fact that the weight is not the main indicator of weight loss, especially on certain days of the women's month and after chitmilov.

But for cleanliness as it moved to the weighing result on Friday.

By this time, any excess water out of the body and shows the result of weight loss per week. Or the lack of results, which also happens chastenkošŸ¤£.

Today, I was pleased with the balance again - 80.7 kg! Minus 400 g per week.

In fact, I came to the threshold, which has established itself at the very beginning.

I wanted to lose weight to 52 kg, and even wrote about it in the article, here. By the way, your photos look in that article (there is only minus 30 kg)... I can not believe that I weighed 100 kg..a 132, and a fortiori can not believe... As if it was not me. But I still remember and will never forget the problems that brings with it a weight, go back, I do not want to.

So the initial goal has almost been reached, but I'm losing weight and further my goals have changed. Now my goal - to achieve 75 kg. And then we'll see.

And in order to achieve his goal, I continue to eat 1,300 calories. This is my deficit at the moment.

For breakfast, I have today delicious curd pudding with apple and cinnamon (170 g) and a sandwich on whole grain bread (20 g) with curd cheese (10 grams) and fish paste (25 g). Happened 315 kcal.

And of course, green tea, vitamins, omega-3 - without breakfast is not breakfast.

Today, the whole day working on the computer to make the weekend.

On Saturday, going to Moscow on business and to relatives'll pick, so the weekend to work I will not have time, you have to finish everything today.

Snack the work was 35 g cheese loaf and corn (10 g) with a creamy chocolate sauce (35 g) - 160 kcal. I do not know when I naemsya this yummy (I mean the sauce), but as long as I want to eat it is.

And the whole day measured out myself 20 g peanuts - 110 kcal.

Scroll photo
Scroll photo
Scroll photo

For lunch was light fish soup from canned pink salmon in its own juice. Yes, I eat soups and such, not often, but eat.

Plate 450 g soup - 110 kcal.

After lunch, I measured myself 250g plums that during operation in any way -That itself spur tasty - 100 kcal.

Photo Scroll.
Photo Scroll.
Photo Scroll.

To be honest, I do not know what I eat for dinner. As it is not thought out in advance and the work of forgot that I do not have anything.

I had to get out. I collected all that was in the refrigerator and cooked casserole with chicken and cheese.

Casserole turned on 410 kcal.

Such tight enough, but an early dinner, after which you can and take a walk.

Evening walks has not been canceled - a good sleep and a small consumption of calories they provide.

The day I left 1205 kcal.

Water and green tea - my companions throughout the day.

And for those who missed it, share links to some helpful articles and recipes:
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I do not pretend to be an expert PP. Just sharing experiences. I "OkoloPP"!

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