Delicious "lazy" cakes with green onions and boiled eggs. Or is it still fritters


Today the sill to collect the remains of green onions - some time ago, a few heads of onions soaked in a bowl of water. A cooked egg in the morning... more Green onions, boiled eggs - what hint? On the pies! Only here with yeast dough to mess reluctance. Though, this is not necessary, there is a recipe for "lazy" cakes - in fact, it is more pancakes than pies. But once I found this recipe even on YouTube, so it is signed... And, whether it's cakes or pancakes, they turn out very tasty, done very, very quickly. And they, incredibly airy and lush ...

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needed for the test:

Half a liter of yogurt, warm - think in advance to get it out of the refrigerator
One egg
Teaspoon baking soda
Teaspoon of salt
A little black pepper
And, approximately 400 grams of flour
Also need bunch of green onions and 3-4 boiled eggs
Vegetable oil for frying

What do I do first of all - it is a small bunch of finely chopped green onions, and also finely ruble boiled eggs. I put all in one bowl, and put away until one side ...

In another bowl pour kefir warm (room temperature, optionally preheated) adding soda, salt, ground black pepper and one raw egg - all at one time, without any steps... Whip whisk.

Now add the flour. Today I took exactly 400 grams of flour, but it's always different, probably all depends still on the fat content of kefir, and from the quality of the flour. As a result, the finished dough should have no liquid, namely tight-rubber, and will not drain from the spoon. If you make the dough slightly watery, then a frying pan, it will spread, and pancakes \ pies will no longer be lush.

At the end add the chopped egg and green onions and stir.

It remains only to fry "lazy" cakes... Here, as usual when frying pancakes in a frying pan, pour vegetable oil, warm up. The fire is not strong, a little above the minimum - otherwise the crust appears, and everything inside remains raw... Fry until tender, until light golden brown.

In general, it is delicious, but you really decide - "Lazy" is cakes, or pancakes ...

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