You do not need steak when there pumpkin muffins


Again pumpkin. Surely, this is not the first recipe that you find with this bright product. A recipe that is so popular and are constantly the subject of controversy about the tastes of different people. For those who took the position of a pumpkin lover, well, or just looking for a good option to dispose of the pumpkin, and there is this recipe.

Another big plus of this recipe is that you can connect children. And not just as a taster, but also as producers of this vibrant dessert. The cooking process is not complicated, and children tend to like. So use a good opportunity to involve your child in the kitchen, and if he will cook, then certainly try these pumpkin muffins. Here you have a double benefit.


Pumpkin muffins with apples

Prepare form.

Either fill in the form paper molds or grease it with vegetable oil and sprinkle with flour.

The oven at 180 ° C degrees.

Mix the flour and baking powder.

Clean the apples, cored and cut into small cubes.

Add a teaspoon of lemon juice so they do not turn brown.

Grind the blender, pre-cut or grate the pumpkin.

Put pumpkin puree and salt.

To drive the eggs and mix.

Add yogurt, sugar, vegetable oil.

Make a well in the flour and put the liquid products.

Knead the dough, do not knead, simply connect the ingredients.

Add apples and stir everything together.

Fill molds test by three-quarters.

Send in the oven for 20 minutes.

Allow to cool and remove from the mold.

Sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Of course, you can not sprinkle with powdered sugar and decorate with special culinary decor or even make some cream to these muffins. It all depends on your age and desires.

Also, you can not add apples and anything else that will seem appropriate. Do not be afraid to try, even if you do not get such a result, which had been counted. The more times you try to get a new taste, the better you it will turn out every time!

I wish you bon appetit!

If you like pumpkin muffin recipe, put the Huskies, write comments about how you do.

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