Delicious recipe granulated cheese kefir (budget method pharmacy calcium chloride)


My tasty delicacy is a beaded cottage cheese with cream.

I cook it at home without the preservatives and thickening of the most traditional stores yogurt and capsules pharmaceutical calcium chloride.

It is much more calcium than the store curds, and I'm pretty sure in his favor.
In preparation granulated cottage cheese there is one little secret, without which it will not work.


  • kefir-1L.
  • lemon juice, 1 tablespoon
  • Pharmacy calcium chloride (10% solution) -2 tablespoon or 6 c. powder
  • 10-15% of cream (to taste)

We proceed to the preparation.

Take the pot, rinse with water and pour it into yogurt.

Add the yogurt lemon juice and warmed to 36 degrees (till slightly warm condition).

Dissolve the calcium chloride in the beaker with water, carefully observing dosage prescription.

Commissioning kefir calcium chloride (solution) and mix well.

Mixture was adjusted to 80 degrees, stirring constantly, but not boiling.

When will the apparent separation of the serum and the formation of a well-formed curd grains, cheese should be very rapidly cooled.

For this purpose the pot immediately remove from heat and put in a pre-prepared ice water (with ice).

So we maintain curd at a constant low temperature prior to full cooling of curd (about two hours).

It is possible to pour curds into ice water, but this water should be first boiled and then cooled in the freezer (which is faster).

Cooled cheese leans gauze and merge serum.

Put the cottage cheese in a convenient container and fill it with fresh cream to taste. If desired, it can podsolit.

As I prepare Cream "reverse" any fat content of the two ingredients, visit my channel.

Keepcottage cheese in the refrigerator should not be more than three days in a tightly closed container.

Granulated cottage cheese with cream it turns out so delicious that we have eaten just before reaching the refrigerator.

Bon Appetit!

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