Prepare a true delicacy of the fish, which often buy cats


What breed of fish in our country despise more than the... Pollock?

Surprisingly, when in Korea, for example, the extraction is conducted pollock almost since the Middle Ages, we have it caught on only in the twentieth century. Previously considered a "unfit to eating", and are now very many gates on his nose - say, cat fish! Cheap and tasteless!

Previously, almost as it treated capelin, but then it happened a miracle, and now has become more expensive pollack Capelin (at least, notice this oddity on the price tags in stores several times). Why do so - I do not know. Everywhere it happen - do not know, I will not argue, may be a special case.

Well, okay, back to pollock.

You know, for every fish you can find a way. Pollock's cook - just undesirable. He digested and transformed into tasteless mush.

Pollack can be simmered in a sauce or put out (to make a marinade - optional) while the main thing - do not screw up with the time of heat treatment. Do not overdo.

Pollock can make minced meat patties on (but who will be engaged in for many is too time-consuming)

An ideal way to prepare pollock (as for me), frying on a pan or deep-fried. In this case, pollack should be in the crust of breading or batter, then he will remain tender and juicy. Filet-o-fish at McDonalds take? An example of the best, of course, but indicative.

Filet-o-Fish is made from pollock.

Free from pollock or fried in a pan, breaded pollock - not the most healthy dish, of course. But it goes with a bang.

Especially if you add some flavor to it ...

You have to make a highlight on the breading stage. In general, the new zapaniruem pollack, not crackers!

100-150 grams of washed and peeled red dry film peanut finely chop in a blender. For a taste can add to garlic (preferably dry, if you like) of cilantro or parsley (if you like, again). Squeeze the juice of one lemon or lime. Forced off the victim to choose. Lemon will be more familiar, add lime dish over Asian notes.

Now plastuem pollock fillets. Fillet cut into roughly equal pieces, salt and pepper them.

Next, beat the egg, dipped to fillets, boned him well in a nut breading and... send to the pan. For roasting enough to fry for 3 to 4 minutes on each side.

Bon Appetit!

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