"Olivier" all different, two salad recipe, which has become a cult classic. One conventional and the other - you can hardly tried


Salad "Olivier" - a very interesting topic. Although, if only because the kitchen snobbery (which many of us rolls that really hide) makes people arrange with regard to him are the real Battle of the meat grinders: Which recipe is right, and what - deshmanskaya forgery

The history (or legend) states that this salad came up with chef Olivier from some very much aristocratic ingredients. Some culinary historians argue that the recipe chef Olivier restored, others - that anyone, then it is up to is still unknown, and that there is a salad was and in what proportions we - mere consumers - can only guess.

The more so that in due course "Olivier" was transformed many times and... well, I'll tell you a terrible thing... heretical, you might say. Olivier - it is like soup. Everyone is different and everyone is correct. Because it is not worth the recipe all the battles and graters, which revolve around him.

You can make Russian salad with hazel and caviar? To your health! Put the sausage and peas - also normal, what's the problem! The main thing that it was tasty.

So today - a couple mash recipes, ie salad, which we call the "Olivier" (and does not need to shout that the Frenchman Olivier preparing it differently).



• 4 medium potatoes, seasoned experience and life - that is not young

• One carrot that could not be wrinkled

• 4 eggs. You can not organic. It can be white, red can. What is.

• 300 -400 grams of cooked sausage (look good)

• 4 cucumber. Since Olivier Soviet-style, not excrete. Take salted, pickled, fresh - they are.

• 1 can of green peas

• 200-300 grams of mayonnaise


Potatoes, carrots and eggs - cook, cool. Equal small cubes cut eggs, potatoes, sausage, carrots and cucumbers (if salted or pickled - squeeze a little), add green peas, mayonnaise, salt and send in the refrigerator for an hour.

Salad with skumbirey


• One mackerel smoked

• 4 eggs, or 16 - Quail

• 4 medium potatoes

• 1 carrot

• 4 fresh cucumbers (if they are not large)

• 1 white onion

• 1 can of peas

• 200-300 grams of mayonnaise


Boil everything you need to boil and cooled, cut into small cubes. Mackerel cut into fillets, and it - diced (or out). Onion - small cubes, cucumber - cubes. It turns solid Cubism! And then - a variety of forms of peas (feeling Picasso), and mayonnaise. Season with salt. Just leave it for an hour.

Bon Appetit!

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