Shifa chorbasy: delicious and cheap to prepare Turkish soup that we have at home is never "for tomorrow"


The first time I tasted this soup "on the tip" - business partner, himself a Turk by origin, literally urged me to try it. I stubbornly refused, believing that in the Turkish kitchen too much really delicious, bright, and spend in the stomach for some kind of soup - is not rational. Because then it will not remain a meat or fruit and vegetables.

- Do not be sorry, it's delicious! - He explained to me.

Out of politeness I decided to find out - what did shifa chorbasy praise. Tested spoon... then two... and then the plate demonstrated its bottom that I was very surprised.

Because the taste of the soup is not one of those that are called "bright." Rather, pastel - if tastes compare with paints. Not watercolor, watery, not clear, namely pastel. Tone (read - tastes) all clearly expressed, but if powdered with something soft, in order to make a balanced palette, not sharp, not beating on the taste buds with a sledgehammer spices and velvet.

This soup can be prepared for the whole family - and his children can (eat with pleasure), and adults, and even dieters because some vitamins so polzitelno for the body elements.

Well, nadraznil?

Then I add - recipes Shifa chorbasy have set. I think that every Turkish mistress, every Turkish chef has his own. In winter, I suggest to cook it with potatoes: to be better fed (in the cold it is better).

We need:

• Required Shifa element - red lentils. It must be her glass half

• Without celery (in which case its root) can not do - 200 grams will be just

• Carrots (one piece) add carotene

• Sweet pepper (enough for one juicy) flavor

• The bulb (a joke) - acuteness

• A pair of potatoes - to "nazhoristosti"

• A couple of spoons of butter for frying

• Salt, pepper, black pepper and herbs - to taste


Lentils are well washed, potatoes, carrots and celery - cut into small cubes and pepper - large. Shinkuem onion into very small cubes. As always - solid Cubism!

Fill lentils with two liters of water, put the brew. And in the meantime, pan melt the butter, and throws it in order to:

• Onions (little fried)

• By onions - carrots (simmer 2-3 minutes)

• For the onions and carrots - celery root, potatoes and sliced ​​peppers. We cover all the cover, simmer for about ten minutes (this is the maximum)

• At the end of steamed vegetables, season with salt and add the paprika, stir.

That's not all! Now send vegetables to the lentils, cook until tender, season with pepper.

Then break through a blender to puree and serve - sprinkle with herbs. Tasty, useful and safe for the stomach dish - ready.

Bon Appetit!

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