Bit of "correct" borscht recipes


We bet we're about the only right recipe for borscht. Like, what is it?

They say soup went from Rome and Greece. They talk about it, scientists. They rely on not survived to the present day recipes, and information on, the Romans and the Greeks cultivated cabbage (and, perhaps, even beets). Of course, the Romans and the Greeks of all this surely something so cooked.

So why not soup (though not at all like modern)?

Bingo! Origin borscht open!

I like to read about the history of certain dishes. Holivary around their origin sometimes resemble holivary the ownership of disputed territories of the Black Sea. And even worse there.

Here, we take at least this is the soup. Whose is it? Russian Ukrainian? And, perhaps, a Romanian? The Poles won, too, have soup. And Belarusians. And if you dig in cookbooks, the recipes will show up soups, anything that smacks of soup and the Italians and the Germans, and maybe even the French. So what? If the Romans cooked soup, not like the modern, then why the French do not like the soup borscht can not be?

The funny thing is - borscht in appearance (and sometimes taste) to determine at all difficult.

It can be cabbage, and maybe no. It can be with a beet - and can not be! The soup can add dumplings and mushrooms, it is possible to cook hot and cold on meat and fish, and even in general - lean, and it would still be soup.

Philologists, and they delve into the etymology of the word, searching in different languages ​​similar in sound... I recently I came across the assumption that he was born Ukrainian borsch from another native Ukrainian dishes - "brown boiling. " Do not repeat the currently writing the name of the dish, something was in the article, with yatyami and erami, but, sorry, brown - brown, and soup - all Russian dish, I was recently interlocutor with Ukraine argued. Like, we have - borscht, and you - the soup, you are our borscht does not apply.

But for heaven's sake, what pretendovat-.

Borscht - they all are different.

Polish white borsch, for example, in the culinary chronicles occurs. He Krakow sausage, eggs, lots of cream. A cabbage with beets in it you will not find. And the same soup.

And then there are the green soup.

And even with fishes soup there. The impression that the soup - it is like a halophyte (or peasant woman) - and all your prepared according to the principle of "all that is, all to abandoning".

And the only right recipe borscht there are exactly as many cooks and housewives. Because everyone who prepares soup recipe of his own, and this recipe - the only correct.

What do you think, huh?

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