Two of the simplest ways to make a great delicious fried potatoes


Fried potatoes, given to ruddy, and more - on the fragrant oil - it is delicious. Harmful, but delicious. Scented oil, by the way - it is something from my childhood, odorless oil came later, and I know many are now still a no-no, yes and buy a bottle of "zapashistogo".

Although refined and deodorized we once were happy, it is not foamed (there was a problem earlier in oil).

Well, okay, this is not about oil, but the fries. The dish is often displayed on the tables often - it is cheap and tasty. Sometimes boring.

Prepare a new way?

The method first - very simple, with spices

There is nothing complicated. To begin, clean the potatoes, cut, as usual, and then - to fill a couple of minutes with hot water. Discard the water, obsushivayut slices (yes, much fuss), and then - in hot oil, the frying pan.

To get the perfect potatoes, it is best to interfere as little as possible. That is one side of roasted - prevented, and fry until done already. However, this alignment is obtained only in the ideal, but in life often fried potatoes lot, so will have to get in the way more often (try less often).

When the potatoes are almost fry, add to a clove of garlic, pounded well and season with salt.

I know, right now I have called many captain obvious, but be honest, how many to send the hot potatoes in boiling water? Credit! Namely, this method helps to get a wonderful crust! Crust as for taste - the most important thing.

Instead of garlic can take any herbs, I strongly advise to try smoked paprika - turns mmm, Yum!

Method two - complicated.

Potatoes in a rural tried everything, I guess. Large slices, they are nice crunch in general - a wonderful thing this potato in a rural way.

At home, many of her preparing a very strange, rolled in flour, for example, before frying. Or just send it in the oven - and then wonder what's wrong done?

Cook a delicious large slices potatoes, country style, it is actually easy. Take oil. Six spoons. Take spices - the ones that we love. Half a teaspoon. Bouquet can be quite varied - pepper, garlic, dry rosemary, basil, parsley, paprika (tai again recalling the wig smoked). Mix the oil with the spices. My potato brush, very well - in fact, we need more, and skin. Cut each into eight parts.

Now, mix the butter and potatoes in a pan or package so that each slice was smeared with butter with spices.

Next - or in a hot oven on a sheet or on a frying pan, too fiery. And interfere only when fried slices will have to turn over!

Bon Appetit!

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