How to fry a chicken breast that she was delicious


Chicken breast - one of the most delicious pieces of chicken, in my opinion. I really respect and shins and thighs, and wings. But what I do. And there are people (and many of them I know for sure) that only the breast and use. And so that with it all-all cut off was not a hint or the pelt or the skin does not remain.

That is a purely two fileshechki. It is for them breast.

Prepare it as yyyy..., it is better not to remember. The most common - it desiccate so that the edge of the piece on the teeth crunch (and in the worst sense of the word). The very same breast chew - if gryzesh tree.

So there can not be, ladies and gentlemen. And over the innocent victims chicken so fun - too inhuman. Not for it or grains with worms or feed, pecked to above it mocked.

Chicken breast can be mmm... surfeiting. True, it is worth it to cook properly.

How? Of course, choose the breast from all personal - that is, with the skin and bone. Because the meat from the breast, and so almost no fat. A skin and bone help keep what it has, not only fat, but also juices

In addition, the bone facilitates uniform heating of the meat (because the meat on the bone baked through better than the meat without it, oddly enough).

So, if you have breast-bone and skin, before you fry it or bake - or marinate with salt, pepper. Lifting the skin, promazhte marinade or salt mixture to meat seasoning, and then return the skin back into place. Leave as twenty minutes or thirty.

Then - fry (slightly) in a frying pan with butter. And finally - send bake until done. A lot of time is not required, you can determine the readiness of their own, because the exact timing will not call the action. But it's all within 15 minutes and the temperature - 160 degrees.

While breast is baked, pour on to form juice. It is dry, it will remain soft.

If you have pure fileshechka, and you want to bake or fry it, then... I'll try. This method has picked up in one of the publications of "Deli" and he gave me has never let down.

To start doing "solinad" - a brine of salt, sugar, spices. To 1 liter of water is necessary to take 60 g of sea salt and 40 g of brown sugar and additives - to taste. The solution should first boil, all dissolved and gave up the flavors, and then - cool. And in the cold throw fillets. At least - for a few hours, maximum - per day. All keep in the refrigerator.

When it's cooking time, the breast gets, obsushivayut, and fry or olive or butter over moderate heat. It is a moderate fire here is very important - otherwise the meat will dry up. Breast is necessary to turn more often and lubricate the side of her that is not in contact with the pan, oil - then get on really juicy, fragrant flesh.

Well, not quite dietichno. And what to do!

Bon Appetit!

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