Smoked eggs for the preparation of which does not need a smokehouse and dishes from them


And let zabatsat with you today something unusual, but tasty? Such that before many people do not even tried, huh? Moreover, from the most primitive and available products.

Make fun of the eggs! This product, which is often on the table gets boiled or fried. Well, or as an omelette. Because it seems dull and boring, familiar to the gnashing of teeth - as a neighbor, who for twenty years on the day Pay drunk and brawl satisfied strictly according to the scenario, without any inspiration and this... improvisation, here!

In fact, eggs - not a boring product of them can cook these delicacies!

So do again: almost smoked eggs almost in Chinese.

Why do I say almost smoked? Because smokehouse for this dish we would not be used. In fact, the present eggs can to smoke, hot-(20-25 minutes at a temperature of 100 ° C) or cold (half to two hours at a temperature of about 40 degrees).

But smokehouse is not for everyone, and to build it in the kitchen of the cauldron - troublesome. Besides a vigilant neighbor can smell smoke and raised more kipesh about the fire. And then you otmazyvatsya not pyromania.

Because let's go by easier - sealed at tricky.

So, first boil the eggs in the classical way, hard boiled. Then we washed, cooled, nadbivaem shell - but only nadbivaem, split, and she let us in on the egg remains.

Making infernal mixture:

soy sauce, a good leaf black tea,, star anise, orange zest and pea allspice - to taste add the water to flavor was... well, so what you enjoy. There also pour liquid smoke. Water should be so much that it covers the eggs for a couple of fingers.

And now all this boil the eggs for about two hours.

Cooked? Dye cool directly in the broth, ship (in the nm), into the fridge for 8-12 hours

Well, then we obtain, obsushivayut, clean and... either eat just like that, or do two: preparing Smoked egg snack.

The easiest option - stuffed with smoked eggs. And the filling can be varied:

1. Yolk mixed with chopped herring and onions

2. The yolk is mixed with a bit sour cream or yoghurt and chopped herbs

3. The yolk is mixed with grated cheese, garlic mayonnaise and straw

And that I have listed only the most common.

Another option: a salad with smoked eggs. The simplest - from pepper (preferably red), smoked cheese, tomato and smoked the same eggs. Refill mixture of olive oil and lemon juice, salt and spices.

Bon Appetit!

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