Tasty and crisp: a simple recipe for pickled cabbage, which may have been 12 hours


Sauerkraut is good to all, except for the time of its preparation: fermented until it can radiate salivating. In this case, I think, is to prepare pickled cabbage, such that, if done at night - for dinner already can be consumed.

I like it that crackles just great, and the taste is very good. A cook - once or twice and you're done.

The only problem - I did not poluchetsya calculate how many cans will be released. But this, I think, is not a problem, because as it is cooked - quickly eaten up

So make time - choose the head.

Let it be white and thick, with a juicy thick sheets. Because green leaves, as I have repeatedly written, that spoil the taste of sauerkraut, pickled cabbage that. And the view from the dishes immediately becomes not presentable.

Two cases: chop cabbage. Here, in contrast to the sauerkraut. We should not be lazy and try and make cutting thin because marinate for a long time she did not have to.

Make three: on average three head a couple of medium-sized carrots. We use a large grater. On average even head out take one large onion (preferably white) and cut a quarter of rings. Plus (if you like garlic) some zubochkov pulverized to a fine garlic petals.

We do four: tamped cabbage in a jar. I usually take a three-liter and the bottom of the pour carrots, then - onions, then - a little garlic, then - a thick layer of cabbage, a few peas black pepper, for an amateur - Carnation.

Some advise not Mokrova layers of cabbage-stack, use the classic way - that is, to stretch the cabbage with carrots on the table. In this case, fill the jar cabbage easier - it was originally to be more densely stacked, but I do not like this option, because ready-made dish loses crispness.

If you too value this is now a cabbage "munch, munch", then it is better not crumple. But then it is necessary, putting in the bank layers, use the potato masher or pestle to as closely as possible to its compacted. However, tamping not overdo it!

The last layer of the bank layer should be carrots with spices.

We do five: preparing a brine. I just - per liter of water one hundred milliliters of vinegar, one hundred milliliters of sunflower oil (you can take and fifty, by the way, will not greasy), three tablespoons of salt and three tablespoons Sahara.

Boil water and then stir in a glass boiling water with salt and sugar, pour vinegar, oil and pour... pour cabbage bank. Close the plastic cover, turn over and leave for the night on the table.

At lunch the next day cabbage already be there. I like not only taste, but also its color - white, with a light carrot "orange."

PS: interesting, do not boil the water in the manufacture of vinegar with brine. Even if you think that the pan or kettle scale not, it is. And the taste scale is soluble in water will remain in the cabbage - this time, in the second - the very cabbage will turn out very strange - that's two.

Bon Appetit!

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