Glamor, cruel ruthless: how pontorezam exorbitant vparivayut banal sandwiches


The other day, rolled up on business and popped a bite into the first cafe on the road, not particularly caring nor his level or other parameters. Insides inspired confidence - clean, but... with a hint of pathos, and, when I opened the menu and does prifigel.

I remember a few years ago I conducted a small investigation into the culinary deflope. It was called simply: "Deflope - myth or reality?".

This text then sold over the Internet, saw him, even on the peekaboo (but the link is still on my blog then I give that nice).

So, if anyone knows, deflope - it's such a great culinary myth. The ever-memorable film "What Men Talk About" the protagonist filed "deflope of palaby katsiusa with seeds."

I even found a recipe that deflope, but give it here I will not, as a prescription without pictures (and okromya frames of the movie they are not there) - it pardonte hoax. But the explanation of why in the world this deflopu do not know, I liked:

Despite the fact that diflope - serving French, in France about him almost no information. The fact that the recipe handed down from generation to generation, and in one terrible moment the last of the people who knew the recipe diflope - disappeared. It happened in the late 19th century. Everything was desperate to unravel the recipe for this wonderful dish, but here, at the beginning of the 21st century, most of the missing heir to the cook showed up. But in Russia. It is not difficult to guess that this recipe at home no one let go and let not going. Diflope prepared only in Moscow restaurants.

No, deflope menu this cafe was not, but a sheet held Sisko... different options dishes called "bruschetta".

If someone does not know, bruschetta - the classic Italian appetizer, antipasti, representing a slice of dried bread - eg Ciabatta - fried until light brown and crispy state.

This piece is rubbed with garlic, seasoned with olive oil and, in fact, the only thing for him to demand that the bread was dosushit before his frying pan or on the grill.


Bruschetta was traditional Italian food of the poor, but we somehow turned into something delicious. Well, it is clear, croutons - he will not toast for croutons price can be drawn with two zeros, but the croutons who will buy for her?

So with the bruschetta.

How cool it - the most that neither is a trivial sandwich.

You can put it on prosciutto and avocado, can be spread foie gras with truffles, but it will still be a sandwich. That's just the menu to write a "sandwich" - is not Bonthonneau, somehow. Again, sell sandwich for three hundred rubles - then and indignant people may Especially when the cheese in this sandwich enough to swear, and the sauce and even less.

But bruschetta - sounds elegant and like a gourmet meal, presupposes: most meals you get little. Enjoy only have the idea that eating is not something there, and Italian specialties (such as).

Glamor - he is. Funny.

Something to think and what other primitive dishes renamed? Recently I saw a pie, a very pathetic kind, on which the price list was written "calzone". The price tag, of course, compared with Pyrozhkov was overstated three times at least.

What about you? Encountered something similar?

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