Solim fat "Yum"


Autumn - this time not only to make sour cabbage, but also salted lard. Oh, lard! I do not like pork, but on thin slices, flavored with streaked meat, salsa, that it planed was almost transparent, and under the pile... if I may say so, I will not refuse.

Possible without piles, just on a piece of black bread, fresh. Also delicious.

Ironically, by the way, it is about the same amount of fat culinary battles, as well as around the borscht. Find out this dish Russian or Ukrainian? Comrades, dear, salted fat man learned almost at the same time, when I discovered salt.

Fat and salt all over the world there are so many varieties and species. And it also stores a lot of species, but only here is homemade - delicious.


Bacon in Hungarian

I remember as a child I always thought - how can you have a fat, which roll in red pepper so that most fat is not visible, I felt that from him mouth fire should blaze. Adults only realized that red pepper is used not so much more - paprika.

Bacon in Hungarian can do at home.

We need:

  • Fresh bacon - 500 g;
  • salt large - 250 - 350gr .;
  • Garlic - 6 cloves;
  • ground red pepper - 1 hr. l .;
  • Powdered paprika plain, or, if there is - kopchenaya- 2-3 tbsp. l.

Salt will dry method. Salo properly laundered, obshkryabav pelt. Well, if the skin is brown, singed straw, but, alas, this piece is now almost not find. Salo good rub with salt, wrap plump in parchment or foil, as someone like, and leave in a cool place for three days.

After this period unfolds, the old salt to clean off, a new smear. And again in foil or parchment and solitsya. And again for three days. A little boring, but what to do.

Repeat the procedure until, until the salt, is metered, not end, but at least three times. Better - four. Let prosolitsya well.

At the last stage of the scraping excess salt, daubed infernal burning mixture. Her to do, and does simple: we press the garlic, mix with pepper and paprika.

If the mouth water, crepe - our fat is not ready yet. Plastered it with spices, it is necessary once again to wrap a piece of foil and send it in the refrigerator for at least a day, or even better - two on to aromas permeated.

What good is this recipe: After salting base (a salt) can play taste, roll fat in any spices that you like. Here a wide field for experimentation. It is possible - in black pepper and garlic. You can - just in garlic with salt. It is possible - in a mixture of peppers, juniper berries and rosemary. In general - a continuous creative!

So bon appetit!

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