Six of my rules of delicious braised cabbage


Cabbage has gone! Well gone, dear... I do not know, maybe someone and argue, but in my opinion, the cabbage in the fall - one of the most frequent guest on the tables. Inexpensive and very useful vegetable. It can simply be fried, with it you can make pancakes, cabbage can extinguish ...

That's cabbage, we now discuss!

Familiar here said the case of the student youth (still Soviet times). Perepal her from the bounty either friends, or relatives, a piece of bacon and cabbage. Well, she is cut, folded into a saucepan, put on the stove and waiting - when the cabbage turns red, spicy and delicious will be?

So do not wait. And all because the cabbage had to be apart of fat much more put, but she did not know about it.

We - no, she's right, we know - you want delicious foliage? Jump at the stove, but do not regret spices things. Because today - a few secrets of cooking delicious braised cabbage.

Frankly, I do not like the classic Soviet recipe for cabbage which was laid in the pan and immediately tushilas in a little broth. Tasteless so it turns out, as for me!

Therefore rule number one:

Before sauerkraut need to fry!

Rule number two:

It is better to use a roasting unrefined oil. Why? Who knows, but it turns out we my opinion, tastier. No, I kept the taste does not impose, just write.

Rule number three:

Never leave the cabbage "podtushitsya a bit more to become softer." Peretushit it - very easy, but when it's done, get something for consistency more like a sprawling rag.

Rule number four:

Cutting... As for me, so it's best - straws. Why? Again, I will not say for sure, it is a subjective perception, the impression that the straw evenly protushivaetsya, because there is no risk of overexposing dish.

Rule number five:

Salt the cabbage better place not once, but for 10-12 minutes until tender. Sol kicks juice, and at first it, and so will a lot.

Rule number six:

Cabbage stew best winter varieties, early - albeit on a salad! Good thick cabbage extinguish have thirty and forty minutes - if the hob and in the oven if - 40-45 minutes at a temperature of 160-180 degrees.

Bon Appetit!

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