Artificial meat. Soon, all the shops of the country ...


Very much I do not like the news that the "Ostankino" seems to have grown as much as forty grams of artificial meat. It cost them nine thousand rubles, but the developers are optimistic: promise to reduce the cost of technology and by 2023 we have to please all the new artificial products.

I do not know what to say about it.

I am very conservative. I like milk, which is produced from cows and dairy products that are produced from milk, which is produced from cows.

It gives me great pleasure to eat fish, and with a much smaller, but still eat crab sticks. Because at this stage of cooking chemicals in the crab sticks, or rather, in the mass of surimi, from which it is formed, it is possible to find fish.

I, you know, even against soybean not speak. I eat tofu (without much pleasure, but I can), and all sorts of "Korean salads", in which soy foam pretend that bits of meat (but not meat), the "asparagus".

You see, to get from one product to another by the processing - it's okay if you do not try this new product to give out for some other.

It's like with spreads. They have a right to exist, and many of them even eat. Of youth remember spreads "Rama" and "Dolina Skandi" .tak here, ultralight "Valley Scandi" ate all the girls crazy about losing weight and I've a couple of times to try the sandwiches with her. It is so personal taste was. That is, like margarine - get away.

But it's not butter!

Same with meat. Meat grows in a cow, swine, sheep, rabbits, birds... the meat - the meat is the result of the evolution of cells for millions, if not billions of years. And try to repeat it within a certain time period tiny - stupid. What will happen to these cells, of which the meat is grown in a year or five, they could affect the operation of our bodies and how they all impact on the environment - no one has no idea. It is possible to build a mathematical model of probability, but none of them did not take into account all the nuances.

I read how it will grow.

Meat obtained from a small piece of muscle tissue calf elite breed "Aberdeen Angus" in the age of 2-3 days. Cells were placed in culture medium to maintain cell growth and division. The culture medium is a gel consisting of amino acids, vitamins, salts, glucose, growth factors and attachment.

What makes this gel with the cells, maybe it will turn them into a biological time bomb - is unclear. Well, a taste... you know, people do not learn to imitate the taste of these products. No matter how trying - still did not work. Success happens only under one condition: when everyone will forget what they are, these natural products are to the taste.

Here then, yes, the whole chemistry will come to success. And yet... there is at least one chemical or synthetic product that you like to taste more than natural?

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