The new recipe of all familiar Pshenko


Confess honestly - you often buy millet? Very rarely see those who are "at risk" to put into the shopping trolley bag - an impression that millet porridge in our country deliberately ignored, although wheat is now gaining a reputation as the next super food: it turned out to be pretty darn useful, but still low-cost!


Nevertheless, we have it, most do not like. Immediately recall Pshenko banal, sometimes even a hospital or canteen, which smacks of dirty rags (this feature was, yes), and that there can be only under the fear of death by starvation.

The appearance of an unpleasant smell, by the way, was not the fault of the croup. I already wrote - cook for a long time worked in Soviet times, shared "sacred" knowledge. Odor appear from milk, firstly, diluted, and secondly - added thereto soda (to avoid being rolled up). Not everywhere, of course, we met the honest chef. But if it did, the dishes using the milk starts to stink.

At home - in the milk, but with oil, even primitive Pshenko is delicious. However, cook the porridge of millet is optional. Let's make out of it... the polenta? In fact polenta - it is made from corn grains, but wheat is good.

We need:

• 200 g of millet

• 650 ml of water

• 2 tbsp. l. olive oil

• Salt and aromatic herbs to taste

Millet wash, and washed, go to the dry pan - fried. Millet during roasting should be dry and almost translucent (well, not quite, but when you begin to fry will understand what I mean).

When finished fry, pour water into the pan, salt. Cover, cook for about fifteen minutes, not pereshivaya (otherwise get blurred, and we do not need). After fifteen minutes, turn off heat and leave for another fifteen minutes be well stewed.

Then lay out everything in a square or rectangular baking dish greased with oil and let it mess "settle." It should be thick, so that it can be cut into wedges.

The idea, then you can finish and fantasy, but no - oil the wedges with olive oil, and send it in the oven to bake for 10-15 minutes at 200 degrees. The result is a kind of rosy baked slices, which can be eaten with any sauce, served as a side dish or used as a basis for sandwiches. This is delicious!

In general, fantasize with pre-formed "polenta" of Pshenko can be any number - it all depends on what kind of fragrant spices you use.

If it is sweet or sweetish - it can be served with milk, yes, just the Gulf of milk. Garlic goes well with cheese or tomato sauce solo. Add olive grass - and this will be a side dish polenta. Coconut and a bit of cooked cream - and here you have dessert.

In short, enjoy your meal!

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