How to cook a truly tasty potatoes


Boil potatoes - ekoe case, tell me right now. Brushed (or even not cleaned) threw in the pot and.

... At the exit I was something strange, sometimes overcooked, sometimes - undercooked, fried water excessively, podraskisshee here and there, and who is to blame? Of course, potatoes. Because before it was correct, and now all gone bad, normal potatoes not find one chemistry and so on and so forth.

No, no, I'm not saying that all of the hostess (and host) Kitchen boiled potatoes so. But... I judge myself, I, for one, took years to learn how to make any normal potatoes. And before that I really constantly coming up with an excuse: the sellers were deceived and promised that the potatoes are cooking, and she turned into a strange mash or vice versa, there was a stone, then raised the unfortunate potatoes incorrectly, chemistry watered sure.

Then I say: I do not like potatoes, which disintegrates in the sauce during cooking. Razvaristost razvaristosti strife. And I will satiate water krupitchatost - not gud.

To avoid this, I try to carry out some simple rules:

1. Cooking is better to take the tubers, "whitish middle." Not outside, but inside. Potatoes with yellow flesh is better fried and potatoes with white flesh cooked better because it has more starch. And the whiter the flesh, the more starch in it.

Very bright potato better show itself in the mashed potatoes, but for just cooking is better to take the one that shows the trendy color "ecru" without a pronounced yellowing.

2. Water for boiling potatoes try to take as little as possible. And the very potatoes do not cook huge portions - razogretaja it will still be "not", so why spoil the product initially?

3. Water, season with salt immediately. Potatoes during cooking should be soaked in salt.

4. No throwing tubers in cold water! As long as you live to see that it boils and begins to boil, the potatoes will simply soak in the water, giving the starch and saturating fluid. As a result you lose some taste, and "razvaristost" in this case will increase.

So, first boil the water, salt, and then, when she was already in the pot bubbling with might and main, to send potatoes, small - as a whole, average - high, cut in half. The largest will go to the puree (I advise it cook a little longer in the milk). Boiling water "sealed up" outer layer and potatoes such makarom you save and shape and taste.

5. From spices to boiled potatoes I personally recommend two: butter (just a little during cooking and then - as it is necessary), and more - rosemary. Little, the main thing is not to overdo it. Start with a very tiny portion.

Dill parsley well, but dill interrupts everything is just a taste of dill, alas.

6. Last (but you probably already know all). After the water drained from potatoes, it is necessary to put the pan over high heat - to evaporate the remaining water. Otherwise, all the efforts turn to ashes, and part of your potatoes raskisnet.

Bon Appetit!

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