Three ways to turn the student-store dumplings in an edible dish


He remembered the youth - the period of the eternal lack of money and the stomach, which often ask for food, not chemicals nazhoristyh of "instant noodles" or "Galina Blanca". Cooking at the time seemed too lazy, and afraid. Cleaning potatoes and carrots in the soup looked quite a feat, and another - a waste of time.

Because in the course were... dumplings. Purchased dumplings, often not the best quality.

Although... about quality, this is how you look. Sold in those days, dumplings and meatballs brand "Powerful." In boxes. So, if we were sure - there is no meat, but now I think - the meat in them was, that the current problems with it.

However, more likely to buy dumplings sold by weight - "Irkutsk" or "Siberian", and at times strange manufactured goods under the name "tube meat", the same dumpling (in fact), but the long and flat... They were cheaper.

The easiest way was to boil them with bouillon cubes. If bouillon cube was called "bacon" nazhoristost chemicals decorated with smoked aroma. Under an "ambassador" or "Dougan" - still remember such brands sorokogradusnoy darling? - such zakus was quite fun in the student company.

But sometimes I have to break through to the sophistication. Today remembered three dishes that made the dumplings really edible.

The first and easiest was the dumplings bake in the oven.

Undertook pan, lubricating oil, it spilled a pack of dumplings, all this wealth was stirred with finely chopped onions, and - oh, horror! - mayonnaise. Above (if there were, of course) were added chopped tomatoes and pour the grated cheese.

What's interesting - the result is always obtained unexpected. Sometimes it's been baked dumplings, sometimes it was the dumplings, cooked in a sauce, mayonnaise sometimes folded and floating flakes, but as a student and it was eaten!

The second embodiment considered pizza ravioli. Almost the pinnacle of culinary excellence, for its preparation had to try!

Melted dumplings rolled in cake, which was decorated with tomatoes and top with cheese.

This "pizza" was flying not so much a bang, and a Three cheers... Especially when you consider that the snack was always less than what was offered to have a snack. Youth same!

The third option Pel'mennykh improvements suited to gourmet (but still considered a luxury)

Roasted dumplings. First - just in oil, then they splashed a little soy sauce and they were covered with a lid. At that time, while they were in this sauce, evaporated, finely shredded mushrooms - when the forest (if you suddenly fall to parents), when the - button mushrooms (in the days of prosperity). Finely shredded mushrooms thrown into the frying pan to the dumplings, and hot continued for another ten minutes.

Who thought - and we all eat? On the other hand - it was delicious (at least at that time). You have both been preserved in the memory of student meals?

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