Three new pasta dishes when they are in another form already tired


Macaroni on a par with potatoes - the basis of the menu of the average Russian. Well, we have such income! Maybe we would be happy to have only beef tenderloin yes artichokes, but... Alas, most often on the table pasta.

Pasta cooked, fried noodles, pasta nautically po- (but not with meat and sausage with fried or boiled sausages). I remember all these dishes as a child, I know that they are being prepared now.

And I know that most children are the first to go on strike - they say, do not eat.

So how do you diversify the pasta menu,

You can cook güveç. This is something from the Bulgarian cuisine, as I remember.

Take half a kilo of tomatoes (now like already cheap), a bit of butter, pasta pack, salt and pepper to taste, and more - a little bit of cheese (enough for one hundred grams).

Boil the pasta, mix it with mashed tomatoes (tomatoes must be pre-cleaned of skin) and grated cheese. Do not forget the salt and pepper. We spread into a greased baking dish and send it in the oven for twenty minutes.

Work here at least, no longer than just cook the pasta with sausage and fried, and not more out. And the taste - the new, and the use of more than of pasta with sausage (still cheese popoleznee waste of meat production will be).

Another option - pasta with canned beans. Yes, it sounds weird. And the taste - decent work.

On the pasta pack of beans we need a bank, one bulb and Morkovina, a bit of butter, a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste, salt and herbs to taste.

Of onion and carrot in butter zazharku do - do not forget to salt the pepper. At the very end add a couple tablespoons of tomato paste and a can of beans, all this is well heated.

While warming up beans, cook the pasta, and then... well, yes, just like in the best houses in London and Paris, spread the pasta on them - beans. A kind of student mash turns out, just remember obschezhitskie times, but... it is possible (and not as scary as it seems at first).

Well, for fans of the beautiful American life is a dish poppy End cheese! Macaroni and cheese, but the po- nenashenski.

Boil pasta, while the oven is warming up. At the same time in the pan to melt 50 grams of butter (can be a hundred, but will zhirnovato). In this oil carefully stir a couple of spoonfuls of flour, and when it all becomes golden brown, pour the milk (about a glass).

Get a creamy sauce.

Now boiled pasta divide into two parts to form a half spread immediately sprinkle chopped onion, cheese, salt, pepper, on it all - again, pasta, remaining, sprinkle with onion and cheese again, pour sauce with milk and send it in the oven to bake for 25-30 minutes.

Bon Appetit!

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