Two unexpected and delicious pita bread: for those who are fed up with shawarma and rolls


Pita bread - amazing ingredient. From the category of "necessity is the mother of invention", of course, and it is unlikely that a sophisticated manage to create out of it (I I'm sorry, I'll be honest!), but here neizyskannoe using lavash turns out... very not bad!

Shawarma rolls and passed this stage, filling them all know.

Let's invent something new?

For example... strudel.

Messing around with this apple strudel - it is still fun and it's only for baking fans (those who loves to bake himself, not only to eat delicious). But if you take pita bread, a couple of three apples, half a cup of jam, egg, 50 grams of butter and sugar (Here to taste), will portray the dessert for home tea party, which did not turn up their noses will.

Apples cut into and dimmed in a pan with the sugar. Jam can be added in the quenching process.

Lavash grease yolk, spread the stuffing on it pritushennyh of apples and jam, wrap, spread it on top of the melted butter, and send it in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

For greater authenticity of the jam can not be used, and prepare stuffing "in the right" to yuzyumom, for example. Or even dried cherries. And cinnamon add (and what else is there supposed to).

The main thing is not to show the recipe to those who know what strudel - and everything will be ok.

By the way, you can not only make fun of confectionery, but also over the pastry with cheese. Lavash obtained... kutaby.

In addition to the cheese pita take - grams hundred commercials, green onions beam, beam cilantro, and begin to create.

Greens my m dry them, then mix it with grated cheese (here suluguni way will be canceled), you can prisolit mix, but you can not prisalivaem - it all depends on your taste.

Now take a pita, if you have it small and round, you can not cut, if long and incomprehensible, it will have pokromsat more convenient for molding pieces.

Spread on one half of the filling, the second half camouflage and moisten the edges, trying to close up (not all out, but you try). Once turned a such thin patty (or pasties, rather, shaped) send analogue kutab on pan fry until brown.

Bon Appetit!

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