How perverted the meaning of Stalin's favorite dish recipe


To power, or rather, eating habits, "Kremlin leaders" in our country is a strange relationship. Any dish is worth it to get the title of "favorite dishes of a certain general secretary" immediately takes on an aura of sophistication and incomprehensible even begins some unknown side relate to haute cuisine.

It is described with a gasp, and even a hint - Won, look, how they lived and how fried, y, bloodsuckers folk. In the same way, for example, trying to break through on the exact same emotions describe the favorite dishes of the kings, for example, although the dinners at the Merchants' Club of the 19th century could udelyvaet royal meal once or twice.

The same barley porridge, Peter the Great's favorite - it just simply barley porridge, though the royal you obzovu her, though proletarian.

The same story with fries that consumed Lenin, and Stalin's favorite soup.

On it will be hot later, next time talk, but of Stalin's favorite soup - right now. For caught my eye the publication, which the author is very, very condemned Joseph Vissarionycha for wanting "povydelyvatsya". Like, specially invented soup, which was frozen to cabbage in the mouth and then melted for him.

The people, of course, chimed - say, human folksy conductive tyrant not elos! All one had to podvyvertom.

So, ladies and gentlemen, Stalin's favorite soup - the same frozen - the most that neither is on the worker-peasant dish. Yes Yes. And the name of it is simple and familiar. Soup diem.

It was their first cooked and then took out the cold. They're frozen, then they have made in the house (the next day) were heated, poured into bowls (or bottled)... And again endured. In short, the cabbage soup daily - this dish is for the whole family and for a few days. Yes, it turns out to taste more intense. But what to do - it's not special to the general secretary came up, so... popular technology.

In short, if you want to cook the soup like Stalin, take:

sauerkraut - 800 g .;
Beef - 200 g .;
veal - 200 g .;
chicken fillets - 200 g .;
carrot - 100 g;
parsley - 1 pc .;
onion - 1 pc .;
butter - 50 g .;
tomato. puree - 2 tbsp. l .;
Wheat flour - 2 tbsp. l .;
Fresh herbs - 50 g .;
garlic - 1 large clove;
salt pepper.

Meat, cut into portions, boiled. First - the veal and beef, as if to throw the chicken with them raspolzetsya it into something disgusting slimy. At this grammovku taken approximately 3 liters of water. Once the meat has boiled, leave it to languish t 2.5 hours, at which time it is already possible to pickle.

Through these 2.5 hours we send the meat portions of chicken. After boiling, cook for half an hour.

Cabbage (sauerkraut), finely chop, send in the broth.

Cooking passirovku: onion, carrot and parsley root cut into cubes, fry in cast iron in butter until such time as the onions and parsley are golden. For half a minute until it is ready passirovki add to it chopped garlic and pepper.

At the end of fall asleep in passirovku flour, stir, spread the tomato paste, stir again and Gray 2 minutes (stirring, stirring and stirring!).

Now pour the broth pot, shift the meat, cook for another thirty minutes and... voila.

Let cool, ship frozen. The next day serve hot.

Substitutes can cook on anything and did not even philosophising selection of meat. There is only beef - cast your, there is only pork - cast your. Here with chicken - cautious, soup are obtained only on the old cock!

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