Chicken teriyaki skewers Japan in Russian (but tasty)


What Russian does not like Japanese food? Sushi and rolls made with smiling guests from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are the basis of the diet of each insta-fashion and beauty every successful manager. However, the Japanese at the sight of land and childbirth are trying to call the police - they say, if you really have killed the fish, not bully her carcass with such cruelty. And we must not bully over rice ...

I listened to the requests and over the fish in this time is not mocked. The victim chose divine cock Amaterasu (or rather, its representative undivine earthly relatives).

In the nearest store I bought a couple of pieces of "dismemberment" - that is, the breast fillet. Appealed to the spirits of ancestors, I burn incense (or is it a nother of the opera), and began to do barbecue. In Japanese. On the Russian kitchen.

Honestly - nothing complicated about it there.

To begin, take a bowl. Solemnly pour into it the soy sauce, put a teaspoon of grated ginger, sleeps garlic pepper and 2 tablespoons sugar. Stir. To save the national colors can be a stick, but I'm using the usual devices.

Cut chicken filei in proper sizes for kebabs pieces.

Some of the sauce is cast, and the rest of the pieces soaked our earthly relatives divine Amaterasu.

Long to keep the chicken in the marinade is not necessary - it quickly saturate them, but because in fifteen minutes (well, a maximum of an hour, but that's a lot) start stringing pieces on skewers. Then go to the grill skewers.

If the grill or grill pan on the farm is not provided, first fry the pieces in a conventional pan, pour the marinade and keep boiling until, well, then threaded onto skewers.

The remaining sauce (remember, we first cast part?) Pour ready skewers, sprinkle with sesame seeds and... well, yes, born Japanese is unlikely to appreciate our creation as an authentic, but... We do not have to, we have the main thing - to deliciously It was. And it - delicious.

A snack as always - the list of ingredients

• Chicken fillet 2 pieces

• Ginger

• Soy sauce

• Sugar (preferably brown)

• A bit of vinegar (apple cider can be)

• Pepper garlic, salt

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