The horror of my Soviet childhood (+ recipe for this delicious semolina)


Semolina was my childhood nightmare suspect, not just mine. Because in those days when the breakfast were given semolina, kindergarten was laying curtain of sadness and despair. And even in the corridors of the first floor (there is a kitchen) smelled like dirty wet hoes.

Why this terrible meal there in quite digestible (remaining) child care centers menu - I still do not understand. And, to be honest. I thought that an adult is not, push a spoon or a "delicacy".

Never. Under any sauce.

But recently at a party I fed semolina. And yet - a chef with experience of fifty years (working in Soviet times) suggested: a nasty odor is due to the fact that the milk in the garden... was diluted with water. And milk, most likely, it was not all fresh - then filled with a part of the old, and therefore added to soda (so as not to curdle).

If so - well, unscrupulous people are mean! And for conscientious, and for victims detsadikovskoy semolina - recipe Guryev. Really delicious.

About her I once read in a long time and Gilyarovskogo thought Guriev porridge - buckwheat, probably. After all, in a restaurant in Guryev fed pigs and piglets are often coupled with buckwheat. It turned out - no.

Guriev porridge - a real dessert dish that requires a lot of fuss (a minus)

Anyway, down to business. take:

• semolina - 200g

• fatty cream - 600 ml

• walnuts peeled - 200 g

• raisins - 200 g

• Sugar - 100 g

Nuts bathe in boiling water, clean peeled, roughly three-quarters - chop. Those who do not cut down, karamelizuem in a frying pan. This is not difficult.

First fry the nuts on a dry frying pan, then add a tablespoon of sugar and a little water, keep on heat until all is not grasp caramel (stir, of course).

About ten minutes to steam ship raisins, simultaneously drown foam cream: pour them into a wide saucepan and set on fire, as soon as the foam - remove it with a slotted spoon. We have enough five foams (one we shall cut strips).

In the remaining hot cream, stirring constantly fall asleep semolina, remaining sugar, cook until tender (do not forget to salt the, and you get a sweet and insipid). At the end of cooking add the raisins, slotted foam, stir.

And we begin to conjure: lay mow layers on a greased pan: cereal, nuts, foam, cereal, nuts, foam.

The last layer to be porridge, sprinkle its sugar and bake in oven until brown caramel. Caramelized nuts decorate!

Bon Appetit!

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