Housekeeping tip: prepare the sauce favorite Lady Gaga (the main thing that Bradley Cooper at him not lure)


She did not once said in an interview that it was salsa - something that could have permanently (specially google, yes). How can I pass pandemonium that reigns in inetike around the triangle-Sheik Cooper Gaga? I confess that a week ago, these names were familiar to me more than vaguely. And now, yes, I, Moscow inhabitant more than forty years know what the drama in the spirit of Mexican TV series unfolds with these characters in the lead roles.

By the way, on the comments in instagramm - Lady account, you can explore the culinary traditions of neighboring countries. There I found the advice to boil beets in borscht whole, and already at the end rub it on terochke. Heartily advise you to beware and not to experiment in the kitchen so radically. The taste of stewed beets initially (and color) is different. If you want svekolki boiled - rub her arch walnuts and sour cream. Everything else - from the evil one.

Well, okay, do not let the beets, better talk about exoticism. About the salsa, which, according to the magazine "Deli" loves Gaga.

Prepare the salsa is a snap (dance it much more difficult).

We need:

• two or three ripe tomatoes reasonable size

• onion, better Belam or red, in short - a sweetish, one

• jalapeno pepper - one

• Garlic - two cloves;

• lime - half, and lime should not be too small or too large

• cilantro - half a cup (chopped);

• salt and black pepper - to taste.

Cook this sauce is simpler than the process of its preparation to describe.

For nerds like me let it be beautiful:

• Clean the onions and tomatoes, chop them into small cubes

• From half a lime Juice. It should be no less than a tablespoon

• Chop the garlic (or if there is a mood slaysiruem it on petals)

• Jalapeno cleaned from seeds, finely chop (chop all here, yeah).

• grind coriander

• Putting all the ingredients, dressed with lime juice, salt and pepper to taste, stir again.

• Capacity to prepare a dish put in the refrigerator. You see, there are all the ingredients should be marinated. In principle, you can eat in an hour, and you can wait for a day when the taste of "ripen" to date.

PS. Fans of pop culture and just a quick offer to reduce the cooking time: Clean the tomatoes peeled, seeds from the jalapeno and cast your all ingredients in a blender. Salt, pepper and lime juice to the same. The resulting paste two-hour soak, can have. From classic this sauce will be different, but not so much as gourmets claim.

Bon Appetit!

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