About eggs. just the facts


Since childhood thought: if in a broken egg has a tiny blood clot, then it means that it has a chicken in it began to grow! Not counted, but because of the eggs thrown - well, I can not bring myself to eat the chicken embryo, even if he is still in the form of a tiny clot.

And recently, chopped egg in a cup next, and saw there the same tiny clot, thinking: hey, hey, what chickens??? Chicken at poultry farms with roosters do not even know! The male is known to be necessary for the emergence of the offspring, even in birds. So if the birds did not evolve by stealth, then... No chicken embryo can not be, right?

Went to torment the search engines on the Internet and found out that the blood in the egg appears, if laying a vial burst. Nothing too pleasant, but at least not chick embryo ...

At the same time enlightened about other nuances, so ...

The most useful and easy eggs - no quail and tsesarkiny. Little cholesterol (cholesterol and although not harmful, it turns out), many vitamins, the yolk a little sweeter when cooked it turns out, a protein on the contrary - a little thicker.

Quail eggs just a nightmare for holestrinofobov. In them this very cholesterol twice.

If you are cooking poached eggThen take only very fresh eggs - old rastekutsya more likely.

The greenish color of the yolkAppearing from the long cooking, due to the presence in egg iron and sulfur.

If the protein is unclearIt speaks not about the unsuitability of eggs, on the contrary. Unclear protein in fresh eggs, and it becomes clear over time.

If the protein is slightly pinkish or greenishThen the egg definitely spoiled, even if you still do not smell.

By the way: the port with amazing speed without the refrigerator ready eggs, even if they are cooked hard-boiled. Any cleavage microcrack sludge - the gateway for pathogenic organisms, and because the road is better not to stock them ...

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