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And let's not about recipes and tricks of the kitchen. There are those that everyone knows. For example, when butchered a chicken from the bones of her right is better to cook the broth. And then - you pour it into molds for ice or bags - and send in the freezer. Conveniently!

Similarly, you can do with an extra green. By the way, with the "cube" herbs or broth to cook the sauce is very convenient - no need to defrost all that is left, take portions prepared.

But apart from these, there are plenty of interesting pieces.


1. I do not like to clean citrus? Send your fruit in the microwave for a few seconds. After that, even the lemon to clean your hands on one, two, three.

2. To clean boiled potatoes, it is necessary... immediately from the pan to send it in a bowl with ice. When I first saw the miraculous cleansing of the tuber - there simply pull the skin of hands in different directions and it slazit - did not believe it. I tried: running! Sorry, does not work for baked potatoes in their skins.

3. If you ever decide to cook the peaches, "Melba", then do not take Peeler - it only spoils the kind of dish! Peach throws thirty seconds in boiling water, and then abruptly toss in a bowl with ice. As a result, pure fruit hands. The fact that the same clean tomatoes, everyone knows.

4. Next - fry eggs that will not burn even a child. Split into a frying pan with non-stick coating egg, and then - to pour a drop of water. Podgorelok no, no dried out of the corner, that the crunch on the teeth. I now love them, and many - no.

Well, in general - sunny side is obtained as the image.

5. Well, for a snack - as a clear broth of excess fat and scale make it "transparent as a tear of the child."

There are two ways: simpler, but more expensive - to buy special Japanese napkin to absorb fat and scum.

More difficult, but not expensive - to cool the ladle and fill it with ice. And then they could move on the surface of the broth. Fat on top will be a bit cool, and it will be easier to remove. Just as a spoon or shumovnikom you remove only the scum ...

Bon appetit... and cook with pleasure!

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