Korean condiment that is worth a try for those who like to eat


Make even familiar-Russian dish tune hues new flavors are... seasonings. I'm not talking about dry mixes that are sold on the markets businesses and shops. Assorted pilaf or "Provencal herbs" have become commonplace as the hops-suneli Soviet times and many already stuffed mouth.

Let's dig further. Let's look to Asia, today - to the Koreans.

What they offer tasty?

The first thing I recommend to try dendyan

Dendyan - soybean paste that has a long history, even beautiful. In this story (as most Asian) plaiting even philosophy, but I will not repeat here (very few people know). I'll tell you about the product.

Dendyan is of three kinds:

Kochudyan (sold in red packaging, usually) - the most acute of all kinds soybean paste, matures she already half a year. Composition - glucose, rice and wheat flour, soybean paste, salt and sugar syrup.

For acute in kochudyan meets red pepper special form it - the high content of capsaicin. It is believed that the bouquet in this seasoning is unique, not only in taste, but also due to the fact that helps to quickly get used to the spicy dishes. That is, those who eat kochudyan can, in theory, then at least chew chili (but not exactly).

Tvendyan sold in orange or closer to brown packaging (maybe there are others, but these are the kinds brought in Russian). Tvendyan - a soft paste, it does not burn, ripen only thirty days and, therefore, has a very different taste. Yet it contains whole grain legumes.

Tvendyan within a species is divided into three subspecies, they differ in content of flour, beans, alcohol, salt, pepper and yeast. It is used for fire and soups, depending on the time of year.

There pasta is sold in a yellow package - it is not a separate species, it tendyan, but with marine additives.

Between kochudyan tendyan and by the degree of severity should paste samdyan. It is usually packed in green - whether containers, jars with a green label... It is more intense and acute than tendyan, and less burning than kochudyan. And the taste of it a little bit different. As a part of - wheat and rice flour, soy beans and spices.

All three species (varieties?) Soybean paste used in soups, meat, fish, rice, vegetables... In short, for everything. Of course, it is not necessary to add it everywhere and crazy. Better to estimate the combination with other ingredients, and that's just as a seasoning for pasta (which is Italian), I would not recommend to use (just myself do not like). But I know who misses this soy paste just for bread.

In any case, it is worth a try. And yet - bon appetit!

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