Foods that spoil in the refrigerator


Analyzing today purchased products, mechanically dumped everything in the refrigerator. I tried to calm the rebellious toad that nothing will not have time to deteriorate. Out of the kitchen. Then, I am calling yourself lazy, returned and began to lay out all according to science... Because to keep everything in the fridge - do not.

We noticed that winter tomatoes tasted like plastic children's balls? This is not only because grown in the greenhouse, and the sun did not see this. Blame for their disgusting taste even storage.

Tomatoes can not keep in the refrigerator! Yes, they will remain there longer pretty, but the taste remains of which can be had once been in them, will disappear. Such perdimonokl ...

There is a whole list of what is in the fridge send undesirable.


1. Bananas, mangoes, papayas, oranges, even - in short, the entire list of tropical fruits, cold storage can not be. When stored in a refrigerator emit ethylene gas which accelerates ripening and may lead to spoilage.

By the way, cantaloupe and pumpkin the same sin.

Because - only in open space, it is desirable - wrapped in paper.

2. Closed and sealed sauces containing vinegar. Ketchup and all other, shorter. Storing in the refrigerator spoils of their consistency and affect the taste of the worse (what about the mayonnaise is not clear to me. Generally, by the way, if you use it is better to do at home and "one bite", ie time.

However, the phrase "better than doing household" refers to any sauces, except, perhaps, soy, Worcester, fish (in short, sauces enzyme).

3. Vegetables in the refrigerator spoiled. Tomatoes lose flavor, carrots moldy from moisture, potato greens, beets - fades, onions - it stinks, garlic - rot... better equipped in pantry, yes.

4. Olive oil spoils in the refrigerator, cloudy, gets an unpleasant taste.

5. Honey in the refrigerator quickly crystallizes and loses the beneficial properties.

6. Bread... Bread is no place in the refrigerator, even if it - tosterny bread, which is more like plasticine. If you really really have to shove it in there - put the bread in the freezer. And then thaw.

7. Summer sausage (a paradox, is not it?). Correct them to keep hanging in a dry, dark and cool pantry. However, in the refrigerator, too, can rely on - will still not stay there, but before eating should be left for a few hours at a desk or in a closet - sausage to become room temperature. Otherwise, much of the flavor will remain "undisclosed"

8. Cereals, flour, spices - in the refrigerator only spoiled, alas. as well as tea or coffee (do not believe those who propose to store in the refrigerator for the preservation of open packs of flavor)

Well, as always - bon appetit!

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