Herbs: how much to add? Memo


The best way to fix a flat taste of the dish - add to spicy greens. Then I add - correct spicy greens. In principle, a combination of very easy to calculate - the softer and finer the taste flavor of the product, lighter and softer texture it, the softer and finer to be flavor condiments that you add to it.

Do not spoil the rosemary chicken, for example. Rosemary - for meat dense, duhovitogo. If you really really want it it is necessary to take the old, well-served as the cock... But only when cooked rosemary like... not that it becomes, and bake this cock - no one then did not ugryzet ...

In any case, a reminder of spicy greens where it sounds (highlights).

cilantro - grass with a delicate aroma and unique flavor that sounds good eye on meat, chicken and vegetable dishes. It goes well with lamb and cheese.

Laurus. An indispensable component of all broths (and hence even soups and marinades). It can be added to sauces. Most importantly, time to retrieve.

Thyme unusual seasoning, but try to add it to casseroles, pork dishes, pates, summer vegetables.

Mint sounds good, not only in tea and desserts, but also with vegetables (roasted new potatoes with mint) and even meat!

Parsley. And used as a decoration and as an ingredient in soups, sauces and fish dishes.

Ploskolistnaya usual parsley - one of those herbs that sounds in all! I like it more than crispy, as it has a distinct taste and aroma is much brighter.

Chives - and onions, and onions. Delicate aroma, very gentle, good in omelets - do not make them rough and roasted vegetables, sauces and salads, and more - as decoration.

marjoram - herb of pizzas and pastas. Another Italian flavor in the kitchen!

Tarragon or tarragon suitable for chicken, ham, fish, as well as dishes from eggs and sour cream.

Dill the kitchen is indispensable, it is democratic and is almost everything - from fish dishes to pickles.

Basil It smells and tastes, and even basil - it is Italy. Tomato, lemon, meat, cheese, chicken and vegetables - it's great going in accompaniment with any "Italian product" or Caucasian cuisine.

Rosemary indispensable in the dishes of lamb, veal, pork and rabbit meat. But with the bird he is rude. There is a rule - the more tender the meat, the less rosemary.

Marjoram sounds in salads, and more - you can sprinkle them burgers or kebabs.

sage dryBut very fragrant! It is suitable for pork, duck, sausage, and some gladly add sage and vegetable dishes.

Bon Appetit!

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