As of hard cheap meat to cook "food of the gods"


Cutting the price of 600-800 rubles on the shelves has become no longer a rarity. If you like beef or lamb (I'm not like the pork from the word "general"), is to buy a good piece at a reasonable price - will have to run. But even if you find something like that... is no guarantee that the meat is soft, again, no.

Organoleptic features of any beef can be good to know by heart... But the methods of deception too, does not stand still. And the fact that we are all limited in the selection of products "ceiling price" is also impossible to cancel, and nothing to be ashamed of in that way, no.

The easiest way to cook tough meat is tasty - this, of course, fire. Boeuf bourguignon - a dish that is eaten, and even asking. Recipe way, I once wrote (look on the channel).

Tough meat can be cut in a stuffing.... You can boil, and only then fry or bake (lost juiciness, not everyone likes).

But still sometimes you want a pure roasted or grilled meat, right?

This can be done a little tough meat softened.

Recall how?

1. The most common way - with a bow.

Rub it on the track (if you want pogeroystvovat) finely chop or simply cut, more importantly, in the proportion of one to one. Couple of hours under the yoke of onions in the community - and even the old bull will turn into a young telenochka (in the sense that after such marinating his flesh to roast or bake you can)

2. Mustard - acute softener.

She, in contrast to the onion leaves its taste brighter, even after marinating it wash away. But it works faster. Mustard is better to take a dry (in the finished pasta is always a bunch of supplements that may be redundant). Roll a piece of mustard powder and let sit for an hour at most.

Then you can cook the meat with a clear conscience.

3. Fruit juices.

To be honest, I do not like to use fruit juice to soften the meat. Fruit acids - namely, they work here - not soften it and... turn into something sprawling.

So if you dare to use, remember - there is less, the better.

4. Pickle, yogurt, mineral water - all this also comes into play.

Everything has a right to life, but... It is not enough to effectively, IMHO. It requires a long exposure and draws juice.

5. But if you bear meat in water with dissolved in it... potato starch, it becomes softer (Not perfect soft, but quite digestible for frying), and despite the fact remains juicy, and more - great fry. Maybe because the upper layers of caramelized better?

I have listed the main ways. There is another - is the use of alcohol at the time of preparation, but do not mention about it (many do not like spicy taste of dishes).

Bon Appetit!

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