With what and how to eat different kinds of leaf and iceberg lettuce


Types of sheet and iceberg lettuce now so much, that the eyes diverge, noticed? Some say - as well as to know only one... But diversity - it is wonderful.

The main thing - you need to imagine what the leaves with which to serve.

Made a brief memo (for all grades and types taken into account, can not answer, they are actually much more)

Iceberg or the iceberg - crispy iceberg lettuce with tender and succulent leaves, sounds good virtually all operating systems thanks to the neutral taste

oak salad - tender, crispy with a slightly peculiar taste. Its good to have sauces and dressings, but also can be combined with mushrooms, chopped almonds, smoked salmon.

Roman salad "Romaine" - it leaves with a spicy taste, because it goes well with yogurt sauce

The oily salad so named for the slightly oily leaves, it sounds good in salads and Multicomponent under any ingredients.

Radic can be identified by the red leaves. They are eaten and fresh, and more - fried (but this is an amateur, in the traditions of Russian cuisine fried leaves sound strange)

corn salad (In stores and on the market occurs, called corn salad) - has a mild flavor goes well with meat, it does not clog.

Lollo Rossa slightly bitter, it is not for everybody. Someone feels it a nutty flavor, I've never failed him rasprobovat. Well suited to grilled meats and poultry.

rocket salad - has a pronounced spicy taste, so it is not used in the vegetable mixture fed this salad stands alone, it is not for everybody.

Endive - salad with a tart taste. It is generally well used in unusual combinations - for example, in a la Norman salad: apples, bacon and mustard dressing.

Watercress - salad or waterVery little known plant we saw it on sale several times. But in Europe, this species is very common. From them prepare sandwiches, eaten with ham, cheese and fish, added to soups and even served as a side dish.

Pak choy (Chinese cabbage) - perhaps the most famous salad we have now. He goes in salads, in sandwiches or as stews.

Salad "little jewel" comes on the shelves is rare, it is a little-known variety of Roman lettuce. delicate flavor, well complemented by other herbs

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Meat cutlets with porridge. Juicy and delicious. My favorite recipe

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