Turkey with baked parsnip and cranberry sauce


If the chef is nothing to do, he is preparing a meal... But it is not simple, but with podvyvertom. And - delicious. Simple recipes for every day, it is certainly fine. But sometimes you want something like that to the soul with the first spoon (or plug) turned straight, and then maybe again rolled up, but you do not care it was delicious.

The combination of ingredients, thus, may be the most unexpected.

Let us today zabahaem turkey with baked parsnips in cranberry sauce?

We need:

• Flower honey 20 g

Cranberry • s / m 80 c

• Eggs 3 pc

• Turkey breast 360 g

• Sage 3 c

• Garlic 24 gr

• corn salad 50g

• Root 100g parsnips

• Grain Mustard 2 gr

• Smoked Paprika 2 c

• Rusk bread 35 gr

• Wheat flour 48 gr

• Granulated sugar 15 gr

• Butter 10 g 2 pcs

• Olive oil

• Water, salt and pepper to taste

Do not be put off by the long list, then everything will be easy.

Cut into thin plates parsnips, spread it on a baking sheet and top - garlic cloves, pieces of butter and pour honey. Now we sprinkled with hot water, sprinkle sage, season with salt and pepper.

Done? Cover with foil and send it in the oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes.

turkey fillet Plastal, repulse. To avoid lumps flew around, cover during this process the film.

Further collapses first in nearly priperchennoy flour and salt, then - in the egg, and finally - in breadcrumbs. Our fry chops for 1-5 minutes on each side (do not need more desiccate).

Making the sauce: In a saucepan send cranberries, sugar, dry mustard, sauce narsharab and dry paprika. Over moderate heat boiled it for 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly.

And we boil a couple of eggs boiled (boil for 2-3 minutes, no more).

Now serve an: parsnips, turkey on it - Break the egg yolk to podvytek meat, sauce, decorate the salad... bon appetit!

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