The most interesting ways to prepare fish: chicken Bouillon and curlers


Fish - a delicious product. And also very useful. Choose quality is not so difficult if you have a picky buyer. It is clear, frozen is better to take only a trusted seller, and if you came to the counter with fresh fish is ...

Close your eyes and inhale the smell. What smells? The sea? Fresh water? Or a nest egg of noisy seagulls that are not eaten all the beach sop, and then forgot about it and sop it has not yet deteriorated, but it is suspicious?

Remember - Fresh fish should not smell anything but fish. All the rest - a profanation. And it should look alive. Well, or just died. That is to be fresh, firm, clear-eyed ...

If such fish found, let her prepare tasty?

One of the basic principles which should always remember: do not touch the fish once again. Its meat - very tender.

How to determine the readiness? Here we recall the physics, chemistry, biology.

The fish meat is very little myoglobin, because it is gentle and sometimes even a little transparent. During the preparation of the proteins are denatured, and then connected to each other or coagulated. The molecules are compressed, becoming closer. Light does not pass through the coagulated protein, and fish is considered to be finished when they lose their transparency.

If you have a little one only "finished" look, take a test "to break". In the thickest piece of fish to slide the fork or a knife, turn it up a bit. The meat will fall apart along natural.

Because fish a minimum of connective tissue and fat, cook it should delicately. Reliable test the willingness - to check if it breaks into pieces. Insert a fork or knife into the thickest part of the fish and turn. Fillets should exfoliate on natural lines.

And here is how to cook fish - there is a private matter.

I'll talk about two ways: first - cooking. But not just cooking. And in a special broth. He called chicken-Bouillon and invented, as the name implies, in France


• dry white wine - 2 stack.

• Water - 2 stack.

• Onion - 0.5 pc

• Carrots - 0.5 pc

• Salt - 1.5 hours. l.

• Black pepper (black dots) - 4 pcs

• bay leaf - 1 pc

All except the bay leaf and simmer join thirty minutes, add the bay leaves about ten minutes before the end of cooking, and then pull out.

The fish is cut, laid in a laying-Bouillon (boiled 30 minutes) and boil until ready.

The second way - En Papillote. The curler... curlers are known to be made of newsprint, but the cooking is better to take the parchment.

You wrap the fish in it, possibly even putting it on a bed of herbs and vegetables, and go on the grill or in the oven. Do not use foil: metallic foil and heat it changes. Parchment gives a slightly different result - a more mellow, so to speak.

Little trick "in curlers" very convenient to cook the fish in batches, and they can also serve.

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