Tasty for most tomatoes: three dishes with tomatoes, which you can prepare in ten minutes


Summer than good: lots of vegetables. I envy the ladies who are in the heat of a single leaf of lettuce all day be satisfied, I do not know how. And my wife on one leaf is trying to stretch the legs - checked. And children need: food, food!

But from time to time food begin to turn up their noses. Like, hot, I want something like that, razedakogo.

I note that in the heat of our tomatoes go well and everything is prepared with them. Perhaps here the crucial role played by flavor - and the combination of salty and sweet, and tangy and sour. It stimulates the appetite, I guess.

So today - a selection of recipes on the heat when you want to eat and to cook - not very.

Hot dish:

Pasta with tomatoes and basil

Tomatoes and basil - a very winning combination, which always sounds Italian. If to it to add mozzarella (for lack of Italian in terms of import substitution can take Sernur, for example, a very decent) you get a very tasty.


• Good paste - 400 g;

• Pomidory- 300 g;

• Fresh basil;

• Garlic - 5-6 cloves;

• Mozzarella cheese - 250 g;

• Olive oil and salt

Boil pasta aldente, in a frying pan with olive oil fry the tomatoes with basil and crushed garlic, prisalivaem.

Pasta - in a bowl and tomatoes - on top, mozzarella camouflage ...

Now the salad.

If you want posytnee, you can do with tomatoes and chenokom. It is generally easy as ABC:

• Fresh tomatoes - 200 g;

• Hard cheese - 200 g;

• Garlic - 5 cloves;

Tomatoes into large cubes, cheese - simple cubes, garlic - we press. Just do not refill the mayonnaise! Here works olive oil with lemon (and even basil can be added to the gas station al any other Italian herbs)

Replace the mozzarella cheese - and get lazy option almost Caprese with podvyvertom.

Another salad that I really like, but some take it to the kitchen - is unclear.

• Fresh tomatoes - 200 g;

• Rukkola- beam;

• Avocados - 1 piece;

• Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt - to taste

Tomatoes and avocado cut into cubes, arugula tear hands, whisk oil with balsamic vinegar and - voila.

Enjoy your meal in the heat!

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