We combine incompatible things: unexpected products that offer taste of "Yum"


In the kitchen there is a combination of products and flavors, which at first glance seem to be wild. I remember how surprised as a child reading "Peter the Great", there was a scene where the bride was brought to the casket sweets - and salted cucumbers with honey (or cucumbers with honey), I was plunged into a profound culinary... amazement.

I went into the kitchen, I remember, and cucumber (not salted) climbed into a jar of honey. Muck was rare. It was only as an adult tried to present pickled cucumbers with honey. Tasty, charge-rr-times kings ate well!

Since getting to know new combinations of love.

For example, the same honey... It would seem, where he - to the chicken. But no, you can make a honey sauce, mixing honey with soy sauce and spices, and can be the same mixture lubricate the skin of chicken before the poison chicken in the oven - and then the bird will not be equal, fingers lick! ...

Or here - cheese. Do not swear in the direction of the French, they do not know how to spoil a good product. Take shaybochki brie or camembert. Put it on a sheet of puff pastry, cover with slices of apples, season with honey and cinnamon, and the free ends of the test let down the top of the building.

Now, all this in the oven, and watch to not burnt. Serve with wine for dessert - a light, white, with fruity notes... vkusnoty!

And there's an omelette with jam or marmalade. Then I add - scrambled eggs have to do a gentle, creamy. Milk or cream is why we must take an equal footing with the eggs - using the French measure - one egg - cockleboat cream (just pour the cream or milk fat in the half shell, and never wrong).

Omelette need to fry in batches - let it be thin pancakes, desirable - from both sides browned.

Now - send it on a plate, put in the middle of a jam or marmalade, wrap it (just fold in half), sprinkle with powdered sugar, and for beauty - a red-hot needle can be a bit of this powder melted the.

Most gurmanistye gourmets can splash of brandy and ignite. Flambe! Success is guaranteed.

Well, another combination of (Mexican, in fact)

Cut pineapple, or any other exotic fruit and sprinkle with salt or chilli. In Latin America, this is a very popular snack. Well this technique combines watermelon, pineapple, coconut, orange and melon. The only salt is better to take the sea (it gives an interesting taste variation).

And sea salt, you can salt the chocolate or toffee home... And it will be a haute cuisine.

Bon Appetit!

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