As unrefined oil turns to poison and other niceties


Vegetable oil - a product that is familiar to everyone. And yet - the product with which each may be deceived. You think about it?

I remember when the whole country believed that a particular brand of vegetable oil no cholesterol. But there is no cholesterol in plant oil by definition - and not because the manufacturer, so-so good, fished from the product of all the harmful cholesterol molecules.

Cheating? Deception, but allows to sell more expensive oil. However, such details can gain a lot. So let's talk about oil? What it is and all ...

The different vegetable oils from one another?

Composition that immediately clear. The main difference - the presence of different fatty acids.

For example: in the olive oil contained 60% fatty acids account for oleic acid sunflower oil and 70% fatty acid content falls to linoleic acid.

Think olive useful because of oleic acid? In fact, no particular benefit from it. It has become so popular because the physiologically neutral, only gives the body energy, while others he can synthesize other substances.

Incidentally, oleic acid rapeseed oil, about 50-60 percent.

So that…

Some oils rich in vitamins, and in others - a little, because olive oil, for example, is expensive.

Well, yes, olive oil, and even refined, and considered useful storehouse of vitamins. The catch is that even the most expensive olive oil - fake. And very brazen. Not counterfeit stamps, and right on the respected productions instead of «Extra virgin» can pour "very nearly" Extra virgin "». It is impossible to prove, and to taste it will not be different... well, maybe a super-duper experts and understand what is wrong, and we ordinary consumers - not uchuem.

But refined oil of any kind of vitamins will be thirty percent. So the chase was for vitamins - not worth it.

What is the refining process?

There are two types - physical and chemical. Afraid of no do not. The oil was refined to purify it from the by-products - free fatty acids, which are not attached to a glycerol molecule. They give the oil a bitter taste.

The chemical method - oil is mixed with an alkali to give soap. And then in a separator eliminate oil soap with water. Now, this method is hardly ever used.

physical refining (If I may so call it) is carried out in three stages:

1. Stow drop down into the wax pellet using low temperatures

2. Stow lecithin, washing with water, oil

3. Bleaching clay adsorb pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, oil at the same time giving a beautiful color

4. Using high pressure steam is conducted deodoratsiyu (and here it happens stage removal of free fatty acids, which avoids chemical refining)

Refined enough - is harmful to humans?

No, it is not harmful. In general, it is much safer unrefined - because it removes all that has accumulated in the seeds of plants for his long life.

Plus refined oil is less burns, for example.

Why can not fry on unrefined oil?

Here simply, at high temperatures it starts to form harmful substances. One of them - acrolein, based on it make a chemical warfare agent. Like this.

And the unrefined oil at a temperature of 150 to 200 degrees quickly begins to oxidize and have a risk of getting... varnish.

That's it!

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